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    Is the Internet killing America's car culture?

    The number of young drivers on the road these days is steadily declining, according to research compiled by Automotive News, and while that may mean you're less likely to get into a fender bender with a high school sophomore, it may also spell bad news for the automotive industry. The article ...

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    Report: Aussie police begin using facial recognition tech to track scofflaw motorists

    The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is taking steps to eliminate the possibility of drivers who have had their licenses successfully applying for another one. The state's Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will be using facial recognition software to build a database of license holders. ...

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    Not News: South Korean woman passes driving test. News: On 950th try.

    You've just got to admire this kind of tenacity. Earlier this year, we related the story of Cha Sa-soon of South Korea. This 68-year-old woman wanted her driver's license so badly that she had gone to take the written test nearly every single day since April of 2005. Unfortunately, Cha was unable ...

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    States adopting "No Smiles" policy for driver's licenses?

    Say cheese! Unless you happen to live in Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada or Virginia, that is. In a case that once again reminds us that the truth is often stranger than fiction, these four states have reportedly adopted new legislation that could lead to the end of smiling faces on driver's license ...

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    New York now offering Enhanced Driver's Licenses with RFID

    New York has now become the second state in the country to offer RFID-embedded driver's licenses. Following Washington State's lead last year, the radio-frequency identification (aka RFID) licenses will be offered at a $30 premium over the standard driver's license. The benefits of the RFID license ...

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    You crazy? UK law proposes psych tests for new drivers

    It seems like motorists in the UK never get a break. Speed cameras on numerous major roads, ridiculously high fuel prices and congestion charges galore are all part and parcel of driving in the UK, so imagine how the Brits would feel if they had to undergo a psychological assessment just to obtain ...

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    VIDEO: Funny licenses prove Virginia will let anyone drive

    You may have seen what's widely considered to be the hottest drivers licenese picture in the world. Then there's the other end of the spectrum. The guys behind the Jackass-meets-SNL DVD called Teenagers from Uranus decided to test the limit of Virginia's tolerance for ugly head shots in the video ...

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    When are teenagers mature enough to drive? Florida's thinking 17.

    These are not the words a teenager living in the sunny state of Florida wants to hear, but they could be assaulting his or her young ear drums if a bill introduced in the Florida State Legislature is passed. HB 975 would require the state’s minimum driving age to be raised from 16 to 17 years ...


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