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    Caparo touts safety features of T1, mandatory driver's ed. for owners

    The recent spate of negative press hampering the Caparo T1 hasn't stopped the makers of the clichéd "road-going racecar" from releasing a host of details outlining the finer points of the T1's safety systems.While the press release after the jump goes into detail about the Caparo's ...

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    America falls behind on road safety

    Compared with just a quarter century ago, driving on American roads is roughly twice as safe now as it was back in 1979. This can be attributed to safer cars and roads, new seatbelt laws and DUI crackdowns, but the end result remains that the number of people killed per vehicle-kilometers of travel ...

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    F1 champ Nelson Piquet loses drivers license

    The question of the day is, "If you're tasked with teaching a three-time Formula One champ to drive, what's the curriculum?" Some instructor in Brazil will be forced to answer that very query when he gets Nelson Piquet behind the wheel for a refresher on the rules of the road.Piquet, who's racked ...


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