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driver aids

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    Official: GM study watches drivers of autonomous vehicles [w/video]

    Like it or not, autonomous vehicles are on the way, and much is being done to study their integration into the world's transportation networks. As part of its own development of driver assistance systems, General Motors has begun to look driver behavior behind the wheels of self-driving vehicles; ...

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    Ferrari reportedly developing biometric driver aids

    A true driver's car can seem to know exactly what the driver's thinking, but that's really not the case. Right? According to the latest reports, Ferrari is developing a series of systems that will actually read a driver's mind and body to bring the relationship between man and machine that much ...

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    Parking assist one-upsmanship: New VW system doesn't need driver in car

    The honchos at VW decided that Park Assist (PA) wasn't enough. That's where the car parallel parks itself while you twiddle your thumbs behind the wheel, and when the Fasten Seat Belt sign is extinguished you can get out and go on about your business. The latest development from VW is called Park ...

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    F1 drivers split on traction control ban

    For those who think this is shaping up to be an exciting F1 season, next year should be a stunner. The FIA has confirmed that traction control will not be allowed in 2008. With traction control about to be banned from F1, Formula One Drivers are split on the decision. Most have said they support ...


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