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    Chutes Away! Ford replaces GM as Official Sponsor of NHRA

    As the only American automaker not recently put through a government-sponsored bankruptcy, it comes as little surprise that Ford has taken over the spot long held by General Motors as the Official Sponsor of the NHRA. The first sign of dissension in the ranks came earlier this year as GM's ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: The 'Nunrunner' V10-powered eight-door Dodge Dart Limowagon [w/VIDEO]

    1962 Dodge Dart limo 'Nunrunner' - Click above for high-res image gallery
    And now for something completely different. We can't recall ever seeing another vehicle quite like this 1962 Dodge Dart, which was converted into a limo wagon that was supposedly intended for the Vatican and later sold to a ...

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    Second winner in Mustang Unleashed contest drag races teacher on Pinks [w/VIDEO]

    Derek Murrell and his drag racing 2010 Mustang - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    For the second installment of Ford's "The '10 Unleashed" contest, the Mustang is going to the drag strip. Last time, Ford gave a blind man the opportunity to drive, and this time around, a kid fresh out of ...

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    REPORT: S197 Ford Mustang could have had independent rear suspension for $100 per car

    It seems that any discussion about a modern Ford Mustang inevitably turns into a debate about its solid rear axle. While Ford has done an incredible job of optimizing the pony car's suspension, many still find it unacceptable that such an antiquated technology is used on a modern day performance ...

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    First Drive: Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, watch out for second!

    2008 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet - Click above for high-res gallery
    Saturday afternoon we went for what may have been the shortest and quickest first drive in the history of Autoblog. When we go on a typical first drive with a manufacturer, we get to drive a vehicle around for at least a few hours in a ...

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    Ford Racing announces plans for 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet

    2009 Ford Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet - Click above for high-res gallery
    At last year's SEMA show, Ford unveiled the latest Mustang to join the Ford Racing stable, the FR500CJ Cobra Jet. The purpose-built drag racer came standard with go-fast parts from the Ford Racing catalog, including a 400 ...

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    Beat the Heat: Florida police battling street racing by... racing?!

    Police officers around the country routinely put their lives on the line in an effort to keep our streets safe. Officers in South Florida have come up with a way to make city streets a safer place and have a bit of fun at the same time; by drag racing at the track. A bad street racing problem that ...

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    22-year-old sheik spending $10M a year to become the Yankees of drag racing?

    There are a number of parallels with an all-American tale of racing fan turned team owner: Man loves drag racing since boyhood, comes from a region crazy for the sport, started off in racing's little league, and races to win even in the big leagues. Yet the differences are enough to inform us that ...

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    VIDEO: Garage 419 pits GT-R against rented Hertz Corvette... with nitrous

    Click the image above to view the gassed 'Vette take on the Nissan GT-R after the jump
    The Garage 419 team is anything but conventional, so when they say they're going to race a Nissan GT-R against a $500 competitor, you know it's going to be entertaining. Host Matt Farah had the easy task of ...

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    More pics of the new Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ford Mustang FR500CJ Cobra Jet
    We first told you about Ford's new Mustang Cobra Jet factory drag car in June of 2007 and last week Ford posted a video on YouTube of a test session with the new car showing its stuff at Milan DragWay. Now we've received some ...

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    Safety concerns cause NHRA to limit races to 1,000 feet

    The NHRA has acted very quickly in an effort to improve the safety of its Top Fuel and Funny Car races. Due to the tragic death recently of '94 and '95 Top Fuel champion Scott Kalitta, the drag strip for these two fastest classes will be shortened from the traditional 1,320 feet to 1,000 feet. Race ...

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    Ford Racing Invitational '08: The aftermath

    Click above for a high-res gallery from the Ford Racing InvitationalI went into the Ford Racing Racing Invitational drag race this weekend with only a cursory knowledge of drag racing. Sure I was aware of all the usual suspects like Garlits, Prudhomme, Force and other famous names over the years. I ...

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    Ford to launch Mustang Cobra Jet factory drag racer this summer

    1968 Ford Mustang Cobra JetFord has a long history of creating factory-built racers based on its regular production cars. Over the past four decades, most of those have have been derived from the Mustang. Since the mid-90s, that has included several runs of Cobra Rs, and today, a couple of variants ...

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    Ford Racing Invitational: We finally hit the track!

    Click my Mustang for a high res galleryAs the skies finally cleared this morning, us hacks finally managed to get in a single practice run here at Milan Dragway for the Ford Racing Invitational. Ford invited some media out to race race some Mustangs as part of the NMRA Ford Nationals weekend. In my ...

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    Get in, sit down and shut up! Chrysler confirms drag package for Challenger

    Dodge Challenger Super Stock shown from 2006 SEMA ShowFans of going as fast as possible in a straight line, which includes some of us at Autoblog, have reason to rejoice. Chrysler has officially announced that the drag package for its upcoming Challenger, initially shown at SEMA in late 2006, will ...

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    VIDEOS: Jet-powered Dodge Caravan earns its Sports badge

    Chris Krug has what we think might be the most bad-ass late-90's Dodge Caravan in the world. Like us, he apparently thought the 150-hp V6 just wasn't enough and added some supplemental power via a 1,000-hp helicopter jet engine. But he left the original piston powerplant in place to retain its ...

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    Polish police give street racing the go-ahead in certain sections of town

    It's a well hidden secret here in the States, but in Eastern Europe, Poland is a street racing Mecca. Concrete contests of speed are so prevalent in the land of the prior Pope and origin of the pirogi, that police in Lodz are conceding certain streets to rebellious racers. The goal is to ...

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    Rumormill: Dodge Challenger SS Drag package weeks away

    Dodge Challenger Super Stock shown from 2006 SEMA ShowJust like in the '60s, some people will take their new 2008 Dodge Challengers to the drags. Chrysler is reportedly ready to make this very easy for new Challenger owners. Allpar is reporting that within a few weeks, there will issue forth from ...

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    NHRA 2007 season ends in Pomona

    The 2007 NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Series ended this weekend at Pomona Raceway in California. It was a fitting end to a dramatic season marked with the passing of John Force Racing driver Eric Medlin and NHRA founder Wally Parks. There was also the spectacular crash in Texas between John Force and ...

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    NHRA legend John Force injured in crash

    The good news: he's alive. The bad news: he's a little busted up. John Force's dragster (yeah, that John Force, the one with the Driving Force tv show about him and his hawt drag racing daughters) went out of control at the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals in Texas on Sunday. In the process of heading ...


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