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    SEMA: Toyota owes us a 9-second car, presents us with DragQuoia instead

    For those who love to go as fast as possible in as straight a line as possible, but have a wife, two kids and family pet, Toyota has built the DragQuoia just for you. Well, except for the family pet part. With four seats (plus racing harnesses, naturally), a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 ...

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    Official: Toyota readies "DragQuoia" Sequoia Family Dragster for SEMA

    Oh, SEMA. There's no other show on the face of the planet that would be so bold as to serve up a creation like the one seen above. This is the questionably named DragQuoia, and it's a slammed Toyota Sequoia with a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 engine shoved under the hood, complete with ...


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