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    Video: Watch some crazy uphill sand drag action in the UAE

    At this point, we've all seen videos depicting the insanity of Middle Eastern sand dune climbs. The clips that make their way to the Western world often include some sort of terrifying nose-over-tail tumble from the top, but this latest clip gives us a glimpse at exactly what sort of machine ...

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    Video: SpeedFactory builds the quickest quarter-mile Dodge Charger in the world

    The SpeedFactory 426 Charger does 9.453 in the quarter – Click above to watch video
    The Chrysler-mad tuners at SpeedFactory have taken a 2006 Dodge Charger, ripped out its interior and inserted a GEN III Hemi stroker motor boosted by a Vortech supercharger under the hood. The 3,700-pound, ...

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    VIDEO: Godzilla vs. Super Snake: MT pits Nissan vs. Shelby in amusingly epic battle

    Super Snake vs. Godzilla - click above to watch the video
    Recently, we ran a little poll in which we asked which car would you prefer: A Nissan GT-R or a Ford Shelby Mustang GT500? The results – which aren't too surprising – had just over two thirds of you rooting and tooting for ...

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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dodge Challenger Mopar drag package cometh

    Follow the jump to watch the videoThose of you steeped in drag racing lore are undoubtedly familiar with the 1968 HEMI-powered Dodge Darts and Plymouth Barracudas. These limited edition, track-bound '68 package cars brought out some of the biggest names in drag racing and helped solidify the ...

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    How To: Measure your vehicle's Cd without a million-dollar wind tunnel

    At highway speeds, your vehicle is fighting an invisible foe trying to hold it back. The nemesis is wind resistance, and it is an automobile's worst enemy. Overcoming the resistance of the air is the key to increasing acceleration, top speed, and improving fuel economy. Wind resistance is often ...

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    Autocar pits GT2 against Z06 in a drag competition

    What do you do with a Porsche GT2, a Corvette Z06, and an abandoned aircraft runway? That's obvious: you line both cars up, nail the throttle and crown the victor. Thankfully, that's exactly what the chaps at Autocar did when they pitted the new GT2 against the Z06 on a long piece of ...

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    Rumormill: Dodge Challenger SS Drag package weeks away

    Dodge Challenger Super Stock shown from 2006 SEMA ShowJust like in the '60s, some people will take their new 2008 Dodge Challengers to the drags. Chrysler is reportedly ready to make this very easy for new Challenger owners. Allpar is reporting that within a few weeks, there will issue forth from ...

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    GM engineers dressed in drag while designing new SUVs

    During the development of General Motors' new GMT900 SUVs, the team in charge of design was taken out to the company's Milford Proving Grounds and made to dress in drag as an exercise. They wore high-heels, fake press-on nails and garbage bag skirts to simulate what The Car Connection refers to as ...

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    VIDEO: Ferrari 599 GTB vs. Porche Carrera GT

    There could hardly be two more different approaches to the exotic supercar than the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the Porsche Carrera GT. One's a production Italian gran tourismo with a front-mounted V12, and the other's a rare German targa with a mid-mounted V10. The Ferrari was designed and ...

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    Rapom V8 bike produces 1,200 horsepower and loose bowels

    What to do with that spare Mopar big block you've got left over from your monster truck project? Why, let's build a motorcycle! We're not using our arms that much, anyway, so we might as well just tear 'em right out of the sockets; it's not like we perform manual labor, we're keyboard jockeys. ...

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    Mickey Thompson murder trial begins

    The murder of motorsports legend Mickey Thompson and his wife in 1988 was one of the most brutal crimes to hit the automotive world. Nearly two decades later, prosecutors in Pasadena, CA hope to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice. The trial against Michael Goodwin opened on Monday with claims ...

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    SEMA: Fords builds a GT500 for street, strip and scary track driving

    click on image to enlargeThe Mustang is currently Ford's hottest hand, and at this year's SEMA show the Blue Oval is laying its cards on the table. Front and center in the place of honor within Ford's display are three GT500s, each tuned and tweaked for various activities: a drag racer, hybrid ...

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    Teen driver loses life in jet dragster accident

    In a tragic accident on Sunday, 17-year-old Canadian drag-racing protégé Kendall Hebert died when her jet-powered dragster crashed into a wall at Toronto Motorsport Park in the suburb of Cayuga, outside Hamilton, Ontario. The accident occurred during a demonstration, not a race. The ...

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    ROUSH Performance Products introduces new Competition Line of racing parts

    While most racing fans probably recognize Jack Roush's name from his teams' success in NASCAR, the man in the hat got his start in drag racing and holds a number of national championships in that sport. It should then come as little surprise that the first half-dozen components in ROUSH ...

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    Pure Power Motorsports lives up to its name with 900 HP "Shadrach Edition" Mustang

    When creating a vehicle to commemorate a pair of Super Stock drag racing legends - in this case, Hubert "Georgia Shaker" Platt and Randy "Mr. Big Stuff" Payne - it's important not to mess around. Thus, Pure Power Motorsports created the Shadrach, a twin-turbo Mustang that boasts 900 hp and the ...

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    The art of the 75-minute rebuild

    Anyone who's ever taken some time to observe professional Top Fuel drag racing has probably marveled at the teams' ability to rebuild an engine between rounds. In less time that it takes most of us to TiVo through a week's worth of The Daily Show, the crews in charge of engine maintenance are able ...

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    Autoblog hits the dragstrip, Part II: We actually take a few passes

    Having offered up some tips on running the quarter-mile in a previous post, it's now time to line up and take a few passes ourselves. We did so courtesy of a close friend who was nice enough to hand over the keys of his '96 Impala SS; presumably, the favor will need to be returned once our own ...

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    Autoblog hits the dragstrip, Part I: A first-timer's guide to drag racing

    For gearheads, there's little better place to be than the local dragstrip on a cool summer evening. Indeed, for anyone with blood running through their veins, the words "Test-n-Tune Night" should indeed raise one's pulse and get Metallica's "Fuel" cued up in the ol' mental jukebox. Our ...


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