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drag racing video

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    Video: Ford pits Cobra Jet versus GRC Fiesta ST, worlds collide

    Racing takes on many forms in the automotive world. There are sanctioned events that are as varied and diverse as NASCAR, Formula One, Global Rallycross and drag racing, and to be good enough to win competitively in one discipline, you need to have a specialized vehicle. Or do you? Ford decided ...

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    Video: 60-year-old woman takes her 11-second AMG to the track

    Like any form of motorsports, drag racing is a passion that never dies. Case in point, check out this woman, who is an admitted "60-some-odd years old," caught in this video taking her murdered-out Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to the track for a little side-by-side action. As it turns out, drag racing ...

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    Video: Drag racing Buick Regal driver loses best seat in the house

    The only better place to watch a drag race than from the other side of the wall is behind the steering wheel. Then again, that depends on what car you're driving. This gentleman enjoyed the view from the driver's seat of his hopped-up 80's Buick Regal for the holeshot, or just until his seat went ...

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    Video: You're Gonna Need That: Drag racer loses steering wheel while underway

    Drag racing is about being the fastest person to go from one point to another in a straight line. Despite the lack of turns involved, drag racers still need a steering wheel to maneuver their vehicles to and from the track, and to keep the front-end pointing in the right direction when blasting ...


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