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    Report: Probe finds no evidence of misconduct among ex-NHTSA employees

    Would you raise an eyebrow if you knew that former NHTSA workers took jobs with automakers after their tenure with the Feds? A few senators experience vertical eyebrow movement, and decided they'd like a few questions answered. Was it possible that misconduct was underfoot related to automaker ...

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    Americans racked up 3,000,000,000,000 miles traveled last year

    The Department of Transportation has released data revealing that American drivers clocked over 2.9 trillion miles traveled in 2010. According to DOT, that's a .7 percent, or 20.5 billion-mile) increase over 2009, and the highest rate since 2007. The area between Texas and Kentucky saw the ...

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    Report: Toyota image gets big boost after NASA findings revealed

    It doesn't take much to change the opinion of the masses, apparently. Automotive News is reporting that it only took a mere two days for Toyota to see a rebound in its reputation after NASA engineers cleared the company of any electronic flaws in its vehicle software. As you may recall, the ...

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    EPA, DOT, California all agree on timeframe for new CAFE standards

    Last April, the three main fuel economy regulatory players – the EPA, the DOT and the State of California – announced new CAFE targets for the 2012 through 2016 model years: 34.1 miles per gallon by 2016. If there's one thing U.S. automakers liked about this, it was that we had a ...

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    Video: Manhattan's speed limit - Do you know it?

    NYC DOT speed limit PSA spots – Click above to watch the videos
    You might honestly think that the speed limit in Manhattan is "whatever you can crank it up to between red lights." That's wrong, and the New York City Department of Transportation wants you to know that it's 30 mph. More ...

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    New Laws: Commercial truck and bus drivers banned from texting while driving

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that in 2009 alone, 5,500 fatalities and half a million injuries occurred as a direct result of distracted driving. The problem is so severe that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (above) recently felt compelled to address Autoblog ...

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    Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, has something he'd like to say...

    Together, we can end distracted driving, and Tuesday's national summit is a good place to start. Editor's Note: Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood wanted to speak directly to the people ahead of the Department of Transportation's Distracted Driving Summit this Tuesday, September 21st, so he ...

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    How EPA's new fuel economy label would grade current cars

    EPA Fuel Economy Sample Grades – Click above to view entire list
    Twenty years ago, the federal government made it mandatory for most food products to carry nutrition information based on a 2,000 calorie diet in the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Information Act. In doing so, the feds ...

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    New fuel economy labels proposed by EPA and DOT

    EPA/DOT Proposed Fuel Economy Labels – Click above for high-res versions
    According to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation are charged with designing new fuel economy labels for vehicle stickers that appear in ...

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    Followup: Toyota says "We're not implying that everything is driver error, absolutely not."

    That's the word from Toyota spokesperson Mike Michels on the automaker's investigation of some 2,000 vehicles reported to suffer from unintended acceleration. Speaking with The New York Times, Michels said that a small amount of Toyota vehicles had issues with sticking accelerators, while a ...

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    Report: WSJ unintended acceleration story "planted" by Toyota

    When The Wall Street Journal reported that crash data obtained by the U.S. Department of Transportation pegged the blame for Toyota's unintended acceleration on drivers, one line stuck out:

    "A NHTSA spokeswoman declined to comment on the findings, which haven't been released by the agency."
    With ...

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    Report: Obama kicks off drive to enact tough fuel economy standards through 2025

    A year ago, the White House led the effort to get automakers' Corporate Average Fuel Economy to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. Although the number was eventually pegged at 34.1 mpg, it will actually be slightly lower because of other non-automotive credits that will be applied. One might have ...

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    Toyota reportedly set to pay $16.4M federal fine

    According to a report by Automotive News, Toyota is ready to pay the $16.4 million fine levied against the company by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration... on one condition: the company wouldn't be required to admit wrongdoing. If the NHTSA goes for that, apparently it can stuff ...

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    Former NHTSA head Claybrook reportedly blasts relationship between safety agency and automakers

    One of the most interesting sidebars that came out of Toyota's recent recall woes and the subsequent Congressional hearings on the subject was the Japanese automaker's relationship with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Actually, the interesting part of the relationship with the ...

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    Report: Transportation Secretary LaHood concerned with influx of in-car technologies

    Concerned that "gadgets and bells and whistles" are distracting drivers, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is reportedly pushing to keep the technologies out of driver's hands – without going so far as to say he'll try to restrict them. LaHood, who has already campaigned for a ban on ...

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    NHTSA mulling Toyota fines for delayed recall?

    $16.4 million. That's the maximum amount the Department of Transportation (DOT) can fine an automaker for failing to recall a defective vehicle in a timely manner. And according to a recent report, the Feds could be pursuing a multimillion-dollar fine – the sum, yet to be disclosed – ...

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    U.S. gov't announces texting ban for commercial truck and bus drivers

    var digg_url = ''; It's official: the U.S. Department of Transportation has made it a crime for inter-state truck drivers and drivers of coaches carrying more than eight passengers to text or use handheld cell ...

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    VIDEO: Seattle earthquake viaduct simulation released; timing politically motivated?

    Alaskan Way Viaduct earthquake simulation -- Click above to watch video
    The Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) is an elevated roadway running along the Elliot Bay Waterway in Seattle. An earthquake in 2001 damaged the viaduct, and the structural degradation has only gotten worse over the years. To ...

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    Hard to Handle: Recyclers reportedly facing crush of cars after C4C

    The ramifications of America's. Cash for Clunkers program are still being figured out – which isn't all that surprising given that a total of 700,000 or so sales totaling $2.877 billion were processed in just one month. And besides facing the unfortunate lack of suitable demolition derby ...

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    NYT straps on its helmet and wades into the brain bucket controversy

    There's a bit of controversy going on in the helmet world, and it has a direct impact – pun intended – on every motorcycle rider trying to protect his or her head while looking for the best helmet to buy. All helmets approved for sale in the United States are tested and approved by ...


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