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    Video: Father does donuts with son in '68 Camaro, ends up in handcuffs

    Think pulling a couple of donuts in an empty lot is harmless? That's what one Joe Graham of Ontario, New York, thought... right up until he was arrested. Graham was driving by a parking lot in the Wayne County town with his son in his red 1968 Chevy Camaro SS on Columbus Day when he entered the ...

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    Report: F1 race winners now allowed to have donuts [w/video]

    Late last season when German racing phenomenon Sebastian Vettel won the Indian Grand Prix, the 26-year-old driver celebrated by enacting a well-known form of automotive antics - the donut. Vettel's celebratory burnouts earned him a $35,000 fine and a reprimand from the bosses in the Formula One ...

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    Video: Wedding couple celebrates nuptials in the parking lot with donuts

    Weddings are often joyous, fun-filled occasions full of revelry and some serious celebrating. And while we appreciate the fact that a couple is being joined together, we have a feeling a video like this could have very easily ruined said couple's big day. It stars a bride, a groom and a BMW M3. ...

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    Video: Drifters shut down California highway while doing donuts

    As champions of both rear-wheel drive and the hand brake, we completely understand the compulsion to get sideways on occasion. Hell, there was a time when no vacant parking lot was safe from our hellion ways – but there's a difference between harming nothing but your own rear tires and ...

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    Video: Ferrari dealership in trouble for burning rubber on the Great Wall of China

    Ferrari is not an outfit that would miss out on the enormous opportunity presented by the Chinese market. Having won the grand prix there three times out of the first four it was held, the Prancing Horse marque launched a special-edition 599 there in 2009, followed by an even more exclusive ...

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    Video: Ferrari celebrates 8 million Facebook fans by taking 458 Italia for a spin

    Facebook is a big deal, even if you're an exotic car maker with one of the world's most powerful brands. In this case we're talking about Ferrari, which recently hit eight million followers on the social networking site. How does an automaker with such a rich history celebrate a 21st century ...

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    Video: Guinness Book of World Records spin-off shows it's time to make the donuts

    Ah, donuts – one of the automotive world's purest forms of hooliganism. We've all done 'em, simply because every once in a while, it's just plain fun to light up a car's back end and fling it around in a circle. Fun as they may be, donuts aren't necessarily all that fun to watch. After ...

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    Video: Brits and Australians make world-record donut flash mobs

    It's not clear from these videos who owns the world record for most simultaneous donuts, but it doesn't much matter. Both attempts were good for some sweet video of cruelty to tires. The first video shows a 2009 attempt in England, which set the record with a collection of 29 Skylines, Evos and ...

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    Video: 1965 Pontiac GTO does donuts, helps sell boxers [w/bonus boxer puppies]

    We love ourselves some vintage muscle cars, and none more so than the one that started it all: the Pontiac GTO. It's 389-cubic-inch V8 engine burbling underhood, its paper-thin bias-ply tires at all four corners and its complete lack of any kind of safety equipment mean the old Goat is nothing ...

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    Video: Lexus uses the LFA to teach a swimsuit supermodel about donuts

    Rhys Millen guides the Lexus LFA supercar around Rianne Ten Haken – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Nissan may choose to use its Juke to square off with swimsuit-clad supermodels but Lexus takes a different route to interact with the pretty ladies... a circular one. Photographer ...

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    Video: Man celebrates Lexus LFA arrival with donuts

    Javier Quirós takes his new Lexus LFA for a spin – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Lucky Lexus owners across the globe are eager to receive their new LFA supercars. Javier Quirós of Costa Rica is one such person, and decided to celebrate the delivery of his red ...

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    Video: Car and Driver gets bored, does doors-up donuts in Benz SLS AMG

    2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    To some, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is a demure looking beast, but don't let the classy lines fool you. Beneath that long, elegant nose is a 6.2-liter, 563 horsepower AMG V8 that propels the top Benz to supercar ...

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    VIDEO: What would P.J. O'Rourke do with a Nissan 370Z?

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    You know what's wrong with kids today? We don't either, but one thing we're sure of is that they just don't read enough P.J. O'Rourke. True, Republicanism has fallen totally out of favor among today's youngsters, but that stuff is cyclical. Like when ...

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    VIDEO: Real stories of the highway patrol?

    The CHP fighting – Follow the jump to watch video
    The scene opens with two highway patrol officers in combat on the side of the road. The skies are dark. An eagle screams. The men fight harder. This is for blood... or at least it looks like it. Follow the jump to see how it ends.[Source: ...

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    Stolen donut van chased by cops, LOTS of cops

    Whatever you do,kids, do not steal a donut truck and try to drive that bad boy through Tama County, Iowa. They will make it positively rain police on you. Frank Alvarado found this out the hard way when he stole a donut van from a Donut Delite driver on his rounds, and ended up on a ...

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    VIDEO: Bentley Burnout, Arnage Carnage

    One might associate a Bentley with, say...caviar and filet mignon. But donuts? Heavens, no! Well, this is what happens when the nouveau riche get their hands on the motor carriages that rightfully belong to the aristocracy. Seriously though, as posh as it is, and as much heritage as its Winged-B ...

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    VIDEO: Bicycle donuts

    You know, not everyone can afford to waste tires by doing donuts in the parking lot using their own car. For that matter, not everyone can afford a car. Those lacking the funds to drift and do donuts all day long in their daily driver may want to check out this video. It's cheaper, safer and a ...


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