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don wales

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    Bobby Cleveland brings Fastest Lawnmower crown back to USA [w/video]

    World's Fastest Lawnmower – Click above to watch video after the jump
    One minute, you're the king of going fast on a lawnmower. The next, you're number two behind a man from the UK. That's what happened to Bobby Cleveland, but he didn't sit idly by on his grass clippings – he went out ...

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    Followup: World's Fastest Lawnmower newly crowned [w/video]

    Project Runningblade – Click above for high-res image gallery. Watch video after the jump
    Hold on to your grass clippings, folks... there's a new World's Fastest Lawnmower. You may recall the story we recently published about Don Wales of the UK, whose Project Runningblade seemed destined ...

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    Project Runningblade will attempt 100+ MPH lawnmower land speed record [w/video]

    Project Runningblade – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are some people who would tell you that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsports. Those of us in the know, however, have other ideas. Clearly, F1 ain't got nothin' on a well-tuned John Deer. That's right, we're ...


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