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    Report: Detroit automakers gain Q1 market share simultaneously for first time in 20 years

    While monthly sales figures might be an easy way of tracking the progression of the auto industry and individual automakers, looking at market share might be more indicative of how each company is actually standing up against its competitors. For the Detroit Three automakers, they have ...

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    Report: Analysts: U.S. automakers will lose marketshare in 2012

    Domestic automakers have much to be happy about, with Chrysler, Ford and General Motors all gaining market share last year for the first time since 1988. Yet according to Bloomberg, 2012 won't be as good to Detroit. Total sales are projected to grow from 12.8 million vehicles last year to 13.6 ...

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    Report: Gap widens between average price of U.S. car and foreign-built auto

    Automotive News reports that domestic automakers are gaining market share thanks in part to the weak dollar. Import vehicles are currently selling at the highest price premium in 12 years compared to their domestic counterparts. Whereas imports sold for an average of $31,636 in August, domestic ...

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    Report: China forcing foreign automakers to give up EV secrets?

    So you want to sell your foreign cars in China? If you're an automaker, it might cost you a whole lot do so. A report in The Wall Street Journal claims that the Chinese government wants to force foreign companies to divulge their electric vehicle technology secrets in order to sell their products ...

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    REPORT: Ford Focus is top-selling Cash For Clunkers car, nearly half buying domestic

    2009 Ford Focus SES Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has processed 80,500 transactions so far, and the early winner of Cash For Clunkers appears to be the Ford Focus. The Detroit News is reporting that the Focus is the number ...

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    Analyst: Detroit 3 to be outproduced by foreign transplants on U.S. soil by 2012

    If you think life can't get any worse for the bloodied and battered Detroit three automakers and their suppliers, you're wrong – at least according to a new study from Grant Thornton LLP's Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Service. The accounting and management consulting firm used data ...

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    Iacocca and Davis, Jr. -supported consortium seeks $50M to rehab Detroit 3's image

    Automotive journalism legend David E. Davis, Jr., may find himself heading a new magazine if an independent effort to spiff up Detroit's image can find a footing. New York's Kelmenson, Davis (yes, that Davis) & Associates is trying to turn up $50 million to create a non-profit entity to spread ...

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    Big Three market share steadily running toward empty

    The Big Three's dwindling market share is no secret. We've heard about it for years. But The Plain Dealer in Cleveland took a closer look at the numbers and was surprised at just how rapidly domestic automakers have been overtaken. For example, GM, Ford and Chrysler shared 74 percent of U.S. auto ...

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    Fed official apologizes for recommending imports in newsletter

    Domestic automakers may be losing market share, but it appears their clout is intact. The Department of Health and Human Services issued an apology for a recent newsletter that suggested only Japanese and South Korean vehicles in a list of 12 "green" vehicles for their 67,000 employees to buy. ...


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