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dodge caravan

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    Chrysler recalls 312,000 2005-2006 minivans over airbag issue *UPDATE

    Just because Toyota may be garnering the most attention for its current recall crisis, it isn't the only automaker having issues. Chrysler has just released its own recall which affects more than 312,000 2005-2006 Town and Country, Caravan, and Grand Caravan models. According to the National ...

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    Chrysler offering 60-day return policy with "Minivan Pledge"

    Dodge Caravan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chrysler invented the minivan, and Team Pentastar is so confident that you'll like its newest people mover that the automaker is giving you 60 days to try a Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country for yourself. Chrysler's new ...

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    Chrysler to restart seven North American plants by end of month

    Hot on the heels of news that the Dodge Viper's Conner Avenue facility would be the first Chrysler plant to fire up after the company's bankruptcy proceedings/Fiat tie-up comes official word that the automaker will resume production at seven plants the week of June 29. In addition, Chrysler will ...

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    Goodbye, Routan? VW minivan reportedly not long for this world

    Volkswagen Routan - Click above for high-res gallery
    That the Volkswagen Routan has been a dismal failure is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, but until now, few have taken stock of just how poorly the badge-engineered minivan was selling.The idea was fairly straightforward, ...

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    Detroit supplier organizing March of Green Vehicles to Washington

    Bad idea: Detroit 3 CEOs showing up for a Congressional hearing to beg for money in private jets. Good idea: said CEOs showing up at Congress' curb in their respective company's greenest vehicles. Just such a caravan has been proposed by Tim Leuliette, CEO of supplier Dura Automotive Systems Inc., ...

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    Rumormill: Caravan, Suburban would move to Lambda platform

    We reported last month that General Motors could move the next Cadillac Escalade to its Lambda platform that's currently used by the Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse, and now GM Inside News is reporting via an inside source that the Suburban/Yukon XL may also get the ...

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    Chrysler ekes out additional 2 mpg on 2009 minivans

    With moms now actually reading EPA fuel economy figures on the window sticker before trying out the dozen cup holders found in most modern minivans, Chrysler went back to the engineering lab and knocked out a few more miles per gallon for its 2009 minivan offerings. Bragging that no other minivan ...

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    Out 'n about: Dodge Caravan R/T goes shopping

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Caravan R/T in the wildReader Joe Donaldson was out taking photos over the weekend when he happened upon a more-interesting-than-normal Dodge Caravan parked outside a Best Buy. While we generally find the terms "interesting" and "Dodge Caravan" to be mutually ...

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    Things that never were nor ever should be, Part II: the Dodge Caravan "CarCamel"

    Click above for gallery of the Car CamelYou need something to carry a car, but you don't want just any old pickup truck or SUV because anybody could do that. And since you do have that vintage Dodge Caravan lying around... why not grab the chainsaw and make something really special? Allow us to ...

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    Spotted in Illinois: Dodge Caravan "hybrid"

    Click the image above for a high-res view.An eagle-eyed reader has spotted a hybrid Dodge Caravan in the Chicago, Illinois area. Don't get your panties in a bunch, though, as this hybrid is not the sort consumers have come to know and love as of late. This Caravan has no electrical propulsion ...

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    Future Classic: 1984 Chrysler Minivans

    Think of what the automotive landscape looked like nigh on 25 years ago. Mentioning "family car" in 1983 would have conjured a station wagon. Some of us dig wagons, while others think we're daft because of the stigma they still carry. There's no denying that a wagon is an excellent way to transport ...

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    Chryslers to remain Sirius-equippped through 2017

    We may not know exactly which vehicles Chrysler will still be making by 2009, but we do know the automaker will offer Sirius Satellite Radio through 2017. Chrysler has had plenty of success with its Sirius offerings, so the long-term contract should come as no surprise. The take-rate for the audio ...

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    Detroit 2008: Dodge Caravan R/T Concept spotted!

    click above for more images of the Dodge Caraven R/T Concept var digg_url = ''; Tucked away among its more pedestrian brethren was Dodge's Caravan R/T concept. We have no details on the powertrain or what else may ...

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    Dodge in danger of losing #1 minivan title

    The moral of a certain African tale is: no matter whether you're the lion or the gazelle, when you get up every morning you better be ready to run. That counts for rams, as well. One of Chrysler LLC's most profitable divisions is getting run down in a historically dominant specialty: minivans. The ...

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    To kill a minivan: kid-haulers a dying breed

    Just 12 years ago, minivans made up 8.5% of the overall vehicle market here in the US. Since that time, a string of SUVs and then later CUVs have cut into those vehicles with the magical sliding doors. In the last couple years, GM and Ford have abandoned the minivan segment all-together and ...

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    Dodge-based VW minivan caught on dealer TV - too little, too late?

    After teasing fans with a modern interpretation of the classic Type 2 micro-bus a few years ago, Volkswagen decided it wasn't an economically viable project. It ultimately decided to strike a deal with DaimlerChrysler to use the Caravan/Town and Country minivan platform as the basis for a VW van. ...

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    Chrysler prices 2008 minivans well below outgoing models

    While it's hard to argue with the industry minivan leader, the new-for-2008 Chrysler minivans had us scratching our heads a bit. Their styling appears to take a page from the Chevy Venture book of design, which had us wondering if Chrysler could could keep them on top. Well, it looks like the ...

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    Live from Chrysler's Chelsea Proving Grounds: The 2008 model lineup

    Click above to view more high-resolution images from the Chrysler proving grounds It isn't just any day when you get to drive dozens of different vehicles that aren't even on sale yet. Chrysler made today just such a day at its Chelsea, MI proving grounds, as the Pentastar rolled out its entire ...

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    Chrysler Group recalling 270,000 minivans to fix airbag sensors

    The Detroit News is reporting that DaimlerChrysler has recalled 270,000 units of the 2005 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country minvans to fix airbag sensors that could corrode and fail to activate. The recall, however, only affects minvans that were sold in 20 states and Washington D.C. ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Chop-top Caravan

    This is just too sick for words. Maybe it was a factory attempt at ditching the soccer mom image. Or perhaps it's a reject from an episode of that failed pilot, Pimp My Mom's Ride. Whatever the motivation, somebody took a 1997 Chrysler Co. minivan and decided to turn it into a tri-tone, one-seat, ...


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