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    Report: Illegal Detroit scavengers use machines that help build city to tear it down

    The two documentarians who made the Oscar-nominated Jesus Camp, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, have turned their cameras on Detroit, feeling it "may well be a harbinger of things to come for the rest of the country." In an excerpt of their new documentary, called Dismantling Detroit, Ewing and ...

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    Report: Senna races to the top with best documentary debut of the year

    Still haven't managed to see Senna? Then you are, first of all, missing out, because it's one of the all-time great racing films in the history of cinema. You're also part of a narrowing group of outsiders, as moviegoers flock to see Asif Kapadia's masterpiece in greater numbers than any other ...

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    CNBC to air hour-long report on BMW

    CNBC will air an hour-long program this Wednesday on the brand behind the roundel called "BMW: A Driving Obsession," which the news channel bills as "the fascinating story behind a once small, struggling company that transformed itself into a global luxury car powerhouse." The four featured ...

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    Ford turnaround featured in CNBC documentary this Wednesday

    CNBC is delving into the rebirth of Ford as an automotive force to be reckoned with in a new documentary called "Rebuilding an American Icon." The show will take viewers behind the scenes at the Blue Oval to see how the company managed to navigate through the automotive implosion of 2009. While the ...

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    Report: Documentary on closure of Ohio GM plant earns Oscar nomination [w/video]

    HBO Documentaries' "The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant" – click above to watch video
    Workers at General Motors' Moraine Assembly plant thought they had a couple years. That's what former company CEO Rick Wagoner had said when he announced the eventual shutdown of the plant back in June ...

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    Karting documentary Racing Dreams takes top honors at Tribeca film festival

    Gearheads that hear the name Tribeca are as likely to think of a Subaru crossover as the Manhattan neighborhood. But this year the Triangle Below Canal street was infused with a heavy dose of octane as Racing Dreams wowed the crowds at the Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary, directed by ...

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    REPORT: Ayrton Senna documentary starts rolling

    Truly great racing films are few and far between. Steve McQueen was responsible for more than his fair share, Grand Prix has its charm, and we're sure there'll be plenty more classics mentioned in our comments section below. But the pantheon of motorsport pictures is set to grow over the course of ...

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    VIDEO: Honda's strategy of winning through failure

    Click above to view video after the jump
    As enthusiasts, we sometimes make the mistake of referring to Honda as a car company. Honda started out as a motorcycle manufacturer, and now makes everything from generators to IRL engines to robots. The Japanese automaker has produced a series of short ...

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    End Scene: Final episode of Ford Bold Moves documentary

    Episode 30 of the Ford Bold Moves documentary has just been released. It's the final episode in this long series of short videos that has chronicled Ford and its journey down the Way Forward path since the middle of last year. No doubt by this time the producers had hoped to show a triumphant Mark ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 25: A little bit of Rouge

    Ford's Rouge plant is an icon in automotive manufacturing, having at one time built the Model A, military warcraft after WWI and during WWII, 40 years of the Mustang and currently the F-150. It's over 100 years old, but you wouldn't know it while on a tour of the facility. Ford has revamped Rouge ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 23: Ford likes the ladies

    Episode 23 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary is here, and at this point we're just letting you know out of habit. After the very enjoyable Episode 22 in which a GT500 was beaten on by pro drivers, we return to a slightly more promotional format that stars Ford's newest sedan, the Fusion. ...

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    Now Showing on Autoblog: Who Killed the Electric Car?

    I didn't go see the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? when it was originally released in theaters on June 28th. For whatever reason, many of you may not have either. So I'm happy to report that the film is available to watch in its entirety (and in good quality) right here on the site ...

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    Ford Bold Moves, Episode 12: Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday

    Episode 12 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary is live online and it focuses on Ford's history in racing. One interesting fact it reveals is that Ford Racing celebrated its 100th anniversary 18th months prior to Ford Motor Company's big centennial blow out, because in 1901 Henry Ford beat ...

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    GM teams up with Discovery for TV documentary

    To help rectify a relative lack of automotive content in the world of TV documentaries, General Motors and the Discovery Channel are teaming up to bring a four-part series to the small screen in 2007. The new series will follow eight interns as they each take a vehicle - based on GM's ...


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