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    Video: Watch how to charge your car battery using a... chainsaw?

    This video is neither as dangerous nor as insane as the title indicates, if only because you're only using the chainsaw's motor and not the actual chain itself. Do not take a chainsaw to your engine without first removing the chain. It would be bad. With the chain, frame and sprocket removed ...

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    DIY: Turn your GoPro into a 24-hour dash cam [w/video]

    If you've noticed a disturbing lack of dash cam in your life, our friends at sister site Translogic have just the thing for you. They've worked up a quick play-by-play for how to turn your GoPro Hero3 into a go-anywhere camera to record everything that goes on in front of your vehicle. The steps ...

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    ETC: Nearly two years later, we get our hands on Lubricheck's "blood tester"

    In May of 2011, we ran a story about a small company seeking backers for an innovative do-it-yourself device engineered to measure the level of contaminants in a vehicle's motor oil. Armed with the knowledge, consumers could extend oil change intervals, save money and help the environment. Things ...

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    Video: CNN chronicles young girl building Pontiac Fiero

    At fourteen years of age, Kathryn DiMaria has already done what many self-proclaimed gearheads won't even attempt in their lifetimes. The Dearborn, Michigan teen is rebuilding a car from the ground up. The intrepid youngster asked her parents when she was just twelve to start a Pontiac Fiero ...

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    How to build your own hidden racing sim setup and keep your wife happy

    DIY Racing Cockpit Ottoman – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Two things have prevented us from installing a full-blown racing-wheel, pedals and seat in our living room for the likes of Gran Turismo 5 – the aggravation of having the hardware soak up space in the living room and ...

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    Build your own remote starter with a pre-paid mobile phone

    There are a lot of reasons for invention that goes beyond necessity, and pure want is right up there at the top. A clever gent named Dave tired of making the 15-minute walk to his freezing cold car, so he built a long-distance remote starter from a prepaid cellphone. To make it work, Dave ...

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    UK entrepreneurs open Pit Start, the country's first self-service garage

    If you're a London gearhead and want to work on your car but have no place to do it, you'll want to check out Pit Start, a new self-service garage. It is exactly what it sounds like – a communal pay-by-the-hour workspace. Would-be tinkerers can pre-book a space or drop in, and upon arrival, a ...

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    MAKE reader builds Ariel Atom replica out of spare parts

    Click above for more shots of this home-built Ariel Atom replica
    We can think of few better ways to spend our evenings than bending, welding and beating metal into submission to produce our own car and it seems that we are not alone. MAKE reader, Utah resident and Flickr user proximacentuari took ...

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    Aerodynamic dyslexia

    var digg_url = ''; This seems to be a case where the image says pretty much all that needs to be said. Driving in to the office this morning, I spotted this peculiar looking Firebird and felt it needed to be immortalized ...

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    SAM is looking for a few good OBD II ports

    For those of us who like to service our own cars, being able to retrieve the OBD-II codes is important. There are various readers on the market, with some more capable than others. Of course, once the codes are retrieved, you need to know how to interpret them. The common misconception is that the ...

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    The 100 mpg DIY Moonbeam

    Any Harry Potter fans out there? Didn't think so. Anyway, for those of you repressing your affection, you might remember that in the wonderful world created by Ms. Rowling, a squib is a person that should have magical powers, but doesn't. The subject of this post is one Jory Squibb, and his ...

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    Nine seconds in the quarter mile for less than $10K

    For those of you that have voiced concern about the seven-figure built-for-show projects that keep popping up all over the place, consider this 1995 Pontiac Trans Am to be the antidote. Built by Clint Schexnayder and his brother, the 'bird flies through the quarter mile in 9.85 seconds with a trap ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part 1

    Despite its 4200 lbs of "road-hugging mass", my '96 Chevrolet Impala SS manages to handle an autocross course with surprising grace and agility (that is, if one wants to apply such adjectives to an obnoxiously loud sedan that negotiates cones by frequent and well-timed applications of full opposite ...

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    More of Car Craft's Stupid Gearhead Stories

    Without a doubt, the best way to learn is from the mistakes of others, because making your own is often a frustrating, expensive, and painful process. With that in mind, we suggest that the DIY readers head over to Car Craft to check out their reader submissions for "Stupidest Gearhead ...

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    Is D-I-Y wrenching D-O-A?

    Jerry Flint and Doug Flint - two automotive pundits that we've spoken of here many times before - team up as father and son and tackle the topic of do-it-yourself auto maintenance in the elder Flint's recent column. The theme that's woven through a few example is that times, tools, and ...


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