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    Official: Audi reinvents the rearview mirror for its Le Mans racers

    Every year at every auto show we see concept cars that envision replacing the rearview mirrors with digital cameras. They're usually the exterior mirrors and not the central one above the windshield, but whatever the case, and however much sense they seem to make, government regulations prevent ...

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    Dodge recalls over 20,000 Charger and Magnum cop cars

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dodge Charger Cop Car
    Demonstrating that good cop cars can also go bad, Chrysler has announced a recall of Dodge Chargers and Magnums equipped with the police package and column shifter. While the cars aren't exactly taking sides with the villainous, they ...

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    Daihatsu teams up with Provision to create 3D holographic dash

    Forget about light-emitting diode (LED) or liquid crystal display (LCD) dashboards. According to Daihatsu, the next hot ticket will be 3D holographic technology. Daihatsu teamed up with Provision Interactive Technologies to implement a 3D dashboard for their latest concept car which debuted at the ...

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    Bugatti delivers 60th Veyron

    Click on the image above to view our 15 high-resolution images from Geneva Despite the conflict over expanding the model line-up and subsequent management change, sales of Bugatti's only model are exceeding expectations. By the end of February, Bugatti had delivered its 60th Veyron – total ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: more Jeep parlor tricks (video)

    Did you check out the video of the Wrangler hanging on the wall like Spiderman? That wasn't even the coolest thing going on at Jeep's display at this year's Detroit show. The big draw was a big fall – a waterfall that spells things out (like Jeep's name) and makes shapes (like Jeep's ...

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    Achtung! BMW's new Heads-Up Display

    Car companies and electronic manufacturers are always conspiring to come up with new high-tech gimmicks for our cars. Almost invariably, they either distract the driver from driving or else help him keep his eyes on the road. Champions of road safety (and cool flashing lights) that we are, of ...

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    'Skipee', the eco-friendly trike concept from Down Under

    BusinessWeek Magazine recently weighed in on 'Skipee', the three-wheeler concept seen here, designed by Australian Dimitrios Scoutas. As an environmentally friendly proposition, Scoutas envisions his curious trike as an alternative form of transportation produced primarily from recycled ...


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