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    Report: Mercedes offers 3,000-euro discount amidst struggling sales

    The bad economy looks to be getting deeper over in Europe. The latest evidence is German carmakers' desperate efforts to prop up badly-lagging sales. Last month, European discounts on German brands averaged 12.2 percent. And now, Mercedes-Benz is offering a 3000-euro ($3,900) trade-in incentive ...

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    Infographic: Which automakers gave the biggest discounts?

    Business was a-boomin' in the auto industry last year, and while a number of factors conspired to keep cars moving through dealerships, chief among them was discounts. How do we know that? This infographic contains part of the answer. Compiled using data from car-shopping website CarWoo!, the ...

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    Report: Honda fighting below-invoice online pricing deals

    Let's face it, nobody pays MSRP anymore. In fact, the most savvy car buyers among us don't even pay invoice price. Thanks to Internet pricing sites like, it doesn't take negotiating skills or friends in the business to get dealers to sell you cars at deep discount. And that fact has ...

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    Forbes picks top 15 most overpriced vehicles

    Using a formula that takes into account what a buyer actually pays for a vehicle, J.D. Power APEAL Survey results and the Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey, Forbes has come up with the 15 vehicles for which you'll probably pay too. The most overpriced vehicle will cost you $7,158 more than ...

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    It's Pindemonium! Ford expands discount program for employees

    Ford is expanding its employee discount program in an effort to boost domestic sales by labeling its workers as "sales ambassadors" and providing them with five additional discount PINs that reduce the price of any new model manufactured by FoMoCo.Previously, employees were provided with eight ...

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    Ford's Ambassador Club attempts to increase employee discount sales

    Ford Motor Company employees and retirees each account for less than one AXY-Plan sale per year (the AXY-Plan is Ford's employee and supplier discount program). The company claims that if it could only add one additional discounted sale per employee and retiree each year, a market share gain ...

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    DCX lowers Caliber of discounts available to employees

    Despite some fairly uninspiring comparison test results in most monthly buff books, the Dodge Caliber appears to have the making of a hit on the strength of its distinctive look, versatile packaging and low price of entry. In fact, initial sales have been so robust that DaimlerChrysler is reeling ...


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