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direct injection

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    Mazda2 MPS reportedly in the works

    The highly-anticipated Mazda2 still hasn't been launched in Europe, and word out of Hiroshima is that an MPS (a.k.a. Mazdaspeed) version is already in the works. Mazda's 2.0L powerplant will be outfitted with direct injection and turbocharging to the tune of 230hp and 231 lb-ft torque. With every ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 1-Series Convertible

    BMW fans in the United States have long been clamoring for an opportunity to buy the 1-series, which until recently was thought to be a Europe-only car. Now that we know that a few two-door versions will be available in the U.S. in 2008, we're thrilled to see a convertible undergoing ...

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    From show to go: VW brings new TSI engine, along with 7-speed DSG

    A little over a year ago Volkswagen introduced their TSI engine range in 138 hp and 168 hp flavors. Those two engines both had displacements of 1.4L with the output of something considerably larger. They achieved this by combining gasoline direct fuel injection with what they call twin charging. ...

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    Direct-injection, turbo'd motors to reproduce like bunnies

    According to the folks at BorgWarner, the number of turbocharged, direct-injection engines will increase four-fold by 2011. In 2006, approximately 500,000 vehicles were equipped with the technological duo, and based on their market projections, over two million such engines will be on the road in ...

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    Ford says "No diesel for you!" to American buyers

    The Focus we should've received - diesel-powered, 50 MPG and thoughtfully styled.During an interview with Automotive News, Mark Fields, Ford's U.S. division president, said that the automaker would not be offering diesels in any of its passenger cars in the near future. For the time being at least, ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford officially debuts TwinForce TT-V6

    Touted as a means to give V8-like horsepower with V6 fuel economy, the TwinForce V6 at this year's Detroit Auto Show stands as one of Ford's biggest announcements so far. Started with the Duratec 35 as a foundation, the engine's combination of turbocharging and direct injection yields a claimed 415 ...

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    VW working on internal combustion 2.0

    Picture this: we're no longer beholden to energy resources from unstable regions and we're no longer burning petroleum-based fuels in our cars. Despite the radical change in fuels, engines are largely the same, as is the fuelling infrastructure. While it sounds like a nice dream, Volkswagen has ...

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    BMW 335i dyno numbers - round two

    Last month, Automobile Mag generated some chassis dyno numbers with a turbocharged BMW 335i coupe that were a bit healthier than one would suspect, given the factory's rating of 300 HP at the crankshaft. In a follow-up, they're now stating that the 275 rear-wheel horsepower number that was reported ...

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    BMW 335i lays down fat dyno numbers

    BMW's turbocharged 335i is rated by the manufacturer at 300 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque at the crankshaft, which seemed a bit low to us considering the 255 HP rating of its naturally-aspirated brethren. Sure, the turbo system was designed to maximize the usable powerband instead of creating ...

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    VW to drop several diesel models next year

    Due to upcoming changes in diesel emissions standards, Volkwagen will be forced to suspend sales of several of its diesel models for 2007 - an unfortunate turn of events for the German automaker, given the robust demand for its TDI-powered vehicles (which are for all practical purposes ...

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    GM unveils high-output direct injection V6

    Amidst the "19 new engines" announcement from General Motors Thursday was a brand-new engine of particular significance for the power-hungry (and aren't we all?): a 3.6 liter all-aluminum V6 with direct injection and variable valve timing. The new V6 is promised for the 2008 model year, with a ...

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    Automakers, suppliers meet to discuss diesel plans

    The aptly named Diesel Forecast is reporting on a diesel technology discussion involving BMW, Volvo, Audi, and Bosch, and the path that each may take to address the increasingly-stringent emission requirements in the U.S. and in Europe. BMW, for its part, does not envision bringing over diesels to ...

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    New York Auto Show: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP high-res photos

    If you're looking for some high-resolution photos of the upcoming Pontiac Solstice GXP, we've got you covered. We caught the screaming yellow roadster on display in New York and snapped a few shots for your enjoyment. If you're interested in the 260 HP turbo Ecotec that resides under the hood, ...

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    SAE puts a timeline on powertrain futures

    At the annual Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress this week, speakers and members outlined what powertrains and alternative fuel sources will move tomorrow's vehicles. All agreed the gasoline engine will continue to dominate the North American market, the world's largest, until at ...


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