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    Ferrari flip-flops: 420 Dino revealed!

    Speculation about a so-called "cheap" Ferrari, slotted under the F430, has been circulating for some time and during last week's LA Auto Show, one of the presenters at the Ferrari booth sought to squash those rumblings.Although he said there isn't going to be a "cheap" Ferrari, AutoExpress has come ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Ferrari "Dino"

    Ferrari has been swearing up and down that they're not working on a new "baby Ferrari,",one that would pick up where the Dino line left off and slot in below the F430 range. "It'd dilute the brand," they say. "It'd compete with products from corporate cousins Alfa Romeo and Maserati," they claim. ...

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    More details on new Dino from Ferrari

    What we wouldn't give to have a somewhat more affordable new Ferrari available in dealerships today. Something at maybe half the current price of an F430. Something that can get by with only 300 hp. Something that is lighter and more nimble but still has the style and visceral appeal of the ...

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    Motorcycle headcase #2: guy stuffs Ferrari engines into two custom bikes

    Here's yet another case of infusing a two-wheeler with a passenger-car mill; in this case, the donor happens to be a Ferrari, and there's actually two project bikes. "Dino", pictured above, is powered by a V12 of undisclosed origin, while "Andreas" is motivated by a ...


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