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    DiMora Scattare gives the Olds Aurora some junk in its trunk, makes us fear the $2M version

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the DiMora Scattare
    We like big butts, but we cannot lie – there is a limit a to our love. And the vehicle above has crossed over said limit, knocking a few things over with its ghetto booty while it was at it. Right about now, you should be scratching ...

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    $2M DiMora Natalia SLS 2 to get - wait for it - world's first MP3-enabled horn

    Spend two million bucks on a car, and you'll get to have whatever the hell you want as a horn tone. Alfred DiMora is back, adding more splashy aftermarket items to the list of standard equipment on his Natalia vaporware sport luxury sedan. DiMora Motorcar has decided that the Horntones system will ...

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    DiMora Natalia SLS 2: spec list shapes up for $2 million super sedan

    click above image to view gallery As development moves ahead on the Natalia SLS 2, DiMora Motorcar is building an extensive list of equipment from OEMs for the anticipated $2 million super-sedan. The latest: DiMora has announced that the car will come equipped with the HeatFlexx ...

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    LV Resorts orders fleet of $2 million super sedans

    Luxury Resort Villas, which owns at least 10 luxury resort estates around the world, has ordered a fleet of 10 Natalia SLS 2 Sport Luxury Sedans from DiMora Motorcar. These handcrafted super sedans will be built in Palm Springs, CA, and feature a 1,200-horsepower "Volcano" V16 engine. A Natalia ...


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