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5Video: Dialogg episode with Bill Clinton discussing environment, electric cars

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton - Click above to watch video after the jump

8Social Experiment? Digg community to interview Toyota President on Monday

Digg, the "what's popular" website that allows users to share and rate links to stories they've discovered online, also offers a feature known as "Digg Dialogg," wherein it hosts a streaming exchange between prominent public figures and the masses (those that frequent Digg, at least).

12Great Scott! Flux Capacitor and Hover Conversion for sale on DeLorean website

The DeLorean Motor Company owes a lot to the Back to the Future franchise for its reverred place in pop culture history. While the original DeLorean Motor Company has ceased to exist, a different DeLorean Motor Company is now operating that does everything for the DMC-12, including full restores and offering original factory replacement parts. The new DMC also has a sense of humor, as the Digg.com community learned last night.

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