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diesel exhaust

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    Study: Engine exhaust may be contributing to bee colony collapses

    Among all the various factors playing into the collapse of bee colonies around the world, one of them could be your car. A UK study into how diesel exhaust fumes may affect bees' ability to pollinate flowers found that nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) - NOx gases - change the chemical ...

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    Study: Car emissions can turn good cholesterol bad

    Before you head to the pharmacy to refill your Lipitor prescription, check this out. The American Heart Association's journal on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology has concluded that high levels of vehicle emissions can cause high cholesterol in mice, which could indicate that air ...

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    Report: World Health Organization says diesel fumes cause cancer

    Although no one ever believed that inhaling black, grit-filled smoke would do you any favors, the World Heath Organization notes that doing so is much worse than merely unkind: the WHO has officially decreed that inhaling diesel fumes can cause lung cancer and has added the fumes to its list of ...

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    Video: Watch what happens when this kid sticks his face in front of a muffler

    Before watching the video pasted after the break, it's important to consider an oft-overlooked fact of life. For each person of greater-than-average intelligence, there's one at the opposite end of the smart scale. With that out of the way, we urge you to check out the video after the break. ...


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