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50Political brouhaha over war shrine visit could dent Japanese car sales in China

A political dispute in 2012 between China and Japan over a group of islands in the East China Sea dealt a beating to sales of Japanese cars as Chinese consumers decided to back their government's stance with a boycott. It got so bad that Japanese automakers cut production by up to 50 percent, Audi had to distance itself from a dealer who posed with a banner reading "We must exterminate the Japanese," and competitors like General Motors, Volkswagen and Ford were expected to improve market share b

113Audi distances itself from Chinese dealer with 'We Must Exterminate The Japanese' banner

Some background: if you've scanned news headlines over the past few weeks, you've probably come across mentions of a spat between China and Japan over some islands in the East China Sea. The territorial controversy isn't new, as both countries have claimed ownership of the group of uninhabited islands – which the Chinese call Diaoyu and the Japanese call Senkaku – for a while. The tension has been climbing recently, however, because the owner of the islands sold them to Japan, after

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