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22Senate committee votes to ban solo driver hybrids from HOV lanes

Are hybrids officially swimming in the US mainstream? A recent federal government amendment appears to imply as much, since it says that hybrid drivers won't be able to count on getting solo access to high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes. And the Prius Nation sighs.

AddDebate rages over whether to extend HOV-lane exemptions for hybrids in CA

Besides the potential feeling of environmental superiority, one of the great benefits to having a hybrid in California has been the availability of a magic little sticker set for a vehicle's rear bumper and fender. The "Access OK" tags have allowed its possessors to cruise in the carpool lanes even while driving solo. The special lanes – alternatively known as HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle) or diamond lanes – have proven to be a great time saver on California's clogged freeway sy

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