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    Detroit 2010: Revenge Verde Supercar adds mean to its green

    Revenge Verde Supercar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    U.S.-based Revenge used the 2010 Detroit Auto Show to introduce the world to its Verde Supercar, and we were there with cameras in hand to capture the event on film memory cards. Honestly, we were impressed with the Verde's ...

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    Better Than Before: 2010 NAIAS welcomes return of Nissan and Porsche, 54 carmakers total

    For many auto enthusiasts, the 2009 North American International Auto Show was the official beginning of the US economic downturn. Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi and Porsche didn't even bother to show up for the once-prestigious event and Honda chose not to unveil any new product. A couple months ...

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    BREAKING: Detroit News says GM will build Cadillac Converj

    2009 Cadillac Converj concept – click above for high-res gallery
    After much hemming and hawing, General Motors will reportedly build a version of the Cadillac Converj, the gorgeous but awkwardly named extended-range coupe concept first shown at last year's Detroit Auto Show. According to ...

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    Detroit 2009: The odds, the ends

    Click above for a high-res gallery of odds & ends from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show
    Auto shows throw massive amounts of promotions, marketing, branding, communications and event planning brainpower into one little bowl. Everyone is trying to be distinctive, and sometimes they do it with the ...

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    Detroit 2009: Hot Wheels

    Sure, there were a few brands missing from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, but we never got the feeling that things were bleak... until we went looking for ten cool wheels. After walking the floor twice, we were able to come up with nine. America's premiere auto show had left us walking in circles, one ...

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    Detroit 2009: Saab 9-5 Griffin Edition is an excuse to issue a press release

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Saab 9-5 Griffin Edition
    We really feel for the folks at Saab, and not just because we love the 9-5 SportCombi and that we pined for a Turbo 900 with the Aero package for what seemed like all of the '80s. Yet look ahead 20 years – specifically to the ...

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    Detroit 2009: First look at the production 2010 Chevy Camaro

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 Chevy Camaro SS
    It seems like eons since Chevy initially unveiled the Camaro concept in Detroit. Since then, we've seen so many camouflaged test mules and pre-production cars that we were starting to worry the design would feel too familiar before the ...

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    Detroit 2009: Dodge Challenger R/T accessorized by Mopar

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mopar-accessorized Dodge Challenger R/T
    The Dodge Challenger remains by far one of the most exciting offerings in Chrysler's lineup, and in addition to the R/T Classic edition, Dodge had on display an R/T on display complete with the latest products from ...

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    Detroit 2009 MEGA POLL: Readers' Best of Show

    We were at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in person. We covered every reveal, every new model and every new concept car. We even told you already what our Most Significant Vehicles of the Show were and why. Now it's your turn. After the jump is poll of mega proportions containing every car, truck and ...

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    Detroit 2009: Post-Bailout Booth Tour - Chrysler

    Click above to begin the Chrysler booth tour
    Yesterday, we gave you a guided tour of GM's first post-bailout NAIAS display. Today, we head across the hall to Chrysler, where the floundering automaker's dire financial straits are reflected on the show floor. Chrysler, once renowned for its lavish ...

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    Detroit 2009: The top ten cars that still could not care less about fuel efficiency

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the top ten anti-fuel efficient cars
    With the dramatic fluctuation of fuel prices in recent years, auto shows and the automakers that frequent them have focused more on green cars and increased efficiency. Gone are the days of supercar concepts like the ...

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    Detroit 2009: Eyes on Design Awards for best concept, best production vehicle

    Click any image above for a high-res gallery
    Each year, the Detroit Auto Show plays host to the Eyes on Design Awards, where a group of judges descend into the bowels of Cobo Hall to pick their favorite vehicles from the show. The nominees are predictably divided into two categories: Design ...

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    Detroit 2009: Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Dodge Challenger R/T Classic
    For the most part, the lineup at the Chrysler stand here in Detroit is like an advertisement for Zoloft. There are a few exceptions, however. The blue Ram R/T is one, and here's another: the Dodge Challenger R/T Classic. As ...

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    Detroit 2009: 2010 Ford Taurus in depth [w/VIDEO]

    The Ford Taurus has gained a reputation of being a very large, very safe, very sedate sedan. Ford wanted to add some adjectives, including attractive, modern, and contemporary, so the Blue Oval design team went back to the drawing board. The result? The 2010 Ford Taurus ditches the ...

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    Detroit 2009: Dodge Ram R/T Accessorized

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Dodge Ram R/T
    Stuck among the largely forgettable production vehicles at the Chrysler, LLC display is this Mopar-enhanced Ram R/T. Originally shown at SEMA, B5 Blue (we think) covers its bodywork, which is very close to the ground thanks to a new set of ...

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    Detroit 2009: Best automaker cutaway displays

    Click above for high-res gallery of NAIAS cutaways
    Cutaway displays have been a staple of auto shows for many years, but we're noticing that more and more automakers are devoting money and floor space to cutaway displays. Aside from being cool to look at, cutaways are an increasingly valuable tool ...

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    Detroit 2009: Volkswagen Touareg Lux Limited sports J. Crew colors

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the VW Touareg Lux Limited Edition
    The VW Touareg Lux Limited Edition is a 'ute that's been on a shopping spree to J. Crew and High Street, or at least a mainstream, aftermarket shop. Available on either the gasoline- or diesel-engined SUVs – and only in ...

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    Detroit 2009: Stile Bertone Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 11 is not the next Tumbler

    Click above for a gallery of high-res pics of the Bertone B.A.T. 11 from Detroit
    We were saddened when we couldn't track down this Bertone B.A.T. 11 in Geneva last year and even sadder when we missed it in Los Angeles in November. Don't blame us. They stuck it in the basement for crying out loud. ...

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    Detroit 2009: Top 25 Desktop Wallpapers

    Click above for the top 25 desktop wallpapers from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show
    With most of the press conferences over and nearly all the debuts checked off our list, we like to do a once over of the showroom floor to try and catch many of the cars without the crowds of photographers and ...

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    Detroit 2009: Hot Stoppers - Internally mounted calipers on Lincoln Concept C

    To some of us, at least, of the most visually annoying elements of many past concept cars has been the installation of huge wheels on cars with normal size brakes. The resulting product can end up looking ridiculous. As I was checking out the littlest Lincoln, the Concept C on the Cobo Hall show ...


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