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    REPORT: Panel okays money for added exhibition space for relocated Detroit Auto Show - if Cobo talks fail

    The North American International Auto Show is the biggest event to hit the state of Michigan in any given year, but the location of the event has come under fire due to the advanced state of disrepair of Detroit's Cobo Hall. Earlier in the year, the state of Michigan and representatives from Wayne, ...

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    Crash Landing: 2009 Honda Pilot design deemed boring

    click above to view more high-res pics of the Honda Pilot PrototypeWe were there when Honda trotted out its Pilot Prototype in Detroit, and our snoozy first impression is apparently what the public at large is feeling, too. Sales of the current Pilot have dropped off by nearly 25 percent, so ...

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    New plan to improve Cobo Hall moves forward

    Detroit may be the host of one of North America's largest auto shows, but Cobo Hall is far from the continent's best conference facility. It's dated and small, and larger venues like Chicago's McCormick place and the LA Convention Center are more modern and accommodating to automaker displays. ...

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    AutoWeek picks Best of Show and honors others from Detroit

    Here's a way to create content long after an auto show has ended, dream up a list of editorial favorite picks. Well, what the hell, we might as well be meta and report on the anti-news. Here we go blithely. AutoWeek handed out its Editors' Choice awards for the North American International Auto ...

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    Detroit 2008: BMW announces M3 pricing

    Click the image above for plenty of high-res pics.If you've got a hankering for a V8-powered, carbon fiber-roofed über 3-series, BMW has finally named its price for the M3 coupe and sedan. $57,275 will buy you entry into the M3 Coupe, and bargain hunters willing to settle for an extra pair of ...

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    Detroit 2008: Kia Borrego arrives at the wrong time

    click above for more high-res live shots of the 2009 Kia BorregoPerhaps the biggest news about the Kia Borrego is that it marks the introduction of a V8 to the Korean automaker's powertrain arsenal. On the other hand, maybe we're just power-addled. Lobbing an entry into the midsize-SUV arena, Kia ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #84

    We're back from the holidays with Autoblog Podcast episode #84. Kicking things off, we review what's been in John, Damon, and Alex's parking spots in the Autoblog Garage. After a Mazda CX7/CX9-Honda Fit-Audi S5-lovefest, we're on to real happenings. Things are ratcheting up as we head into the ...

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    It's official! Pontiac to get RWD platform, likely in G8

    Perhaps riding a contact high from all the heady presentations at the NAIAS, GM product Czar Bob Lutz let fly that the Holden Commodore SS will be coming to the US as a Pontiac. Lutz went on to say that the car will be known as the G8, and that GM is looking at an official amount of "a lot." In ...

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    Ford debuting new Focus in Detroit

    Unfortunately, it's not the C1-based Focus we're all waiting for (though it appears we're closer than ever to that car's arrival on our shores). Still, the current Ford Focus has received only one nip/tuck refreshening since it debuted in North America way back in 2000, so the car unveiled in early ...


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