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    Video: Icon Derelict DeSoto cools its heels in Jay Leno's Garage

    Of all the shops turning out cool hardware these days, few get us as excited as Icon. And while their off-road beasts are heart-stopping in their execution and attention to detail, it's the company's Derelict line that really gets us grinning. Icon founder Jonathon Ward swung by Jay Leno's Garage ...

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    Auctions: Barrett-Jackson 2012: 1954 Desoto Adventurer II Coupe concept car sells for $1.3 million [UPDATE: w/video]

    Of all the concept cars ever shown off to a fawning public, one of the coolest has got to be this 1954 Desoto Adventurer II Coupe. It was originally built in 1954, and it sits atop a Chrysler Imperial chassis with a body designed and built by Ghia. It's not surprising that this Desoto Ghia ...

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    Automobile takes a look at the early history of 'sudden acceleration'

    Unintended acceleration didn't start with Toyota, nor did it start with the Audi 5000 – it's probably been around since the first man put a leg over what he thought was a tamed horse. Automobile Magazine takes a look at the phenomenon of accidentally wide-open throttles circa 1957, when ...

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    Vintage Tech: The Granddaddy of EFI

    Every car on the road now has fuel injection. There was no real battle royale between electronic systems and mechanical, though both flavors saw plenty of development. Rochester's Ramjet system was effective and quite slick, contained in a special intake manifold. Bosch had K-Jetronic which was a ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1955 Facel Vega FV-1

    Esoteric and interesting automobiles trade hands via online auctions every day. Even still, this is the first time we can recall a Facel Vega FV-1 up for grabs. This rare mid-fifties V8-powered GT was never built in huge numbers to begin with, so finding a matching-numbers example anywhere is ...


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