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    Auto Expo 2010: DC Designs Imperator and Ying Yang shock and amuse

    DC Designs Imperator and Ying Yang - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you're not already familiar with DC Designs, let's refresh your memory. Founded by Dilip Chhabria, the Indian designer has been responsible for such autotrocities as the Amrierod and Cayenne Coupe, along with tuned ...

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    Chrysler design done with the 'edge,' going organic

    Trevor Creed resigned from the position of Chrysler's head of design, and as of today is succeeded by Ralph Gilles, the man who designed the 300C. Since every change at the top comes with a "new sheriff in town" speech -- or at least one-liner -- this is what Gilles had to say: "It's definitely ...

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    GALLERY: GM's future interior designs

    Interior design is one area where GM is lagging behind its European and Japanese rivals, but there's hope just beyond the horizon. Fully aware of its shortcomings, GM has put a new, more focused emphasis on improving the style and quality of its vehicles' interiors and a handful of official ...

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    Dozen reasons to send car designers back to school

    Bill Howard reviews a new vehicle each week for the website, TechnoRide. While most people envy this aspect of his job, he points out that driving so many vehicles exposes him to flaws and foibles that generate responses ranging from "Huh?" to "What were they thinking?" to "Stop the car, I want to ...


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