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    Chrysler design done with the 'edge,' going organic

    Trevor Creed resigned from the position of Chrysler's head of design, and as of today is succeeded by Ralph Gilles, the man who designed the 300C. Since every change at the top comes with a "new sheriff in town" speech -- or at least one-liner -- this is what Gilles had to say: "It's definitely ...

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    Mustang Blue: The new smell of 'Stang

    A year after the introduction of the original scent, Aramis and Designer Fragrances have unveiled a new Mustang cologne variant. Mustang Blue, according to the manufacturer, is "the definition of confident, sexy and powerful for the Mustang man." A delicate blend of axle grease, brake fluid, and ...

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    Mercedes design head stepping down

    Over the last three decades, there's been a common thread making Mercedes designs instantly recognizable and a lot of credit for that belongs to MBZ design boss Peter Pfeiffer. After forty years at Mercedes-Benz, and thirty years overseeing design, Pfeiffer is headed for retirement within the next ...

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    Saab Aero X designer honored

    For a car designer, being honored by ELLE magazine might not be something you rush to append to your Curriculum Vitae. On the other hand, good design is good design, and the difference between the design cognoscenti and lay people is largely an ability to verbalize the pleasing elements of a form. ...

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    Make a MINI masterpiece

    Between VW and MINI (and Audi's multiplying microsites), it's a wonder we don't spend all day playing little flash games with cars. That is, what tiny bit of time we have left when we're finished talking about cars. The house of Hammer & Coop has come up with another pleasing time-waster for ...

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    Do you smell fastback? Estee Lauder announces Mustang cologne

    Talk about badge engineering. Aramis and Designer Fragrances, a division of Estee Lauder, has partnered with Ford to "bring the Mustang man to life." How? With a cologne spray, of course. The same fragrance design house that has created for Donna Karan, Missoni, and Coach, has "engineered" a scent ...

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    Another answer to an unasked question: Saab's Little White Purse

    We're not sure why strains of "Little Green Bag" are going through our head. Perhaps because it's about as funky as this little white purse. Saab teamed up with fashion designer Osman Yousefzada to create "The Little White Purse." The impetus behind the lash-up is to reduce the approximately one ...

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    Pininfarina replaces design director Ken Okuyama

    UPDATEBarely a year into his second stint at Pininfarina, director of design Ken Okuyama has been let go by the Italian design firm. Ken was previously with the company back in 1995 and is credited with designing the Enzo and 612, among others. We recently ran into him at the Pasadena Art Center ...

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    Ford pitching reality show concept to networks

    Ford Motor Company, one of the main sponsors of "American Idol," told dealers yesterday that it is circulating a tape around various TV networks to bolster interest in a new reality TV series starring Ford and a yet-to-be-designed vehicle. The concept behind the series is ...


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