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    Tron light cycle contest declares winners
    1302723120 is a website focused on discussions about video games that decided to host a competition to see who among its readership could draw up the best Tron Light Cycle. The entries were received and the results are... well, they're pretty amazing. Two winners were chosen, one from the ...

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    Crazy Porsche Cayman wraps will win someone a free eduction

    Porsche Italy has jumped into the art car scene with both feet by inviting young designers from the world over to come up with a vinyl wrap for the Cayman. The entries have already been pared down to 30 semi finalists, and registered users at can submit up to 10 votes for their ...

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    Automotive X-Prize releases rules for 2009 race

    Sister-blog AB Green just posted this story about X-Prize. Remember X-Prize? They were the organization that put up a considerable sum of money to reward the first person to successfully go into outer space with their own spacecraft. After Burt Rutan won that first X-Prize with his SpaceShip 1, ...

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    Peugeot reveals top 10 design entries

    The Peugeot Design Contest we told you about in December is almost over, and now the entries have been cut down to 10 and there are some seriously fanciful, futuristic concepts in the remaining contestants. Normally designs such as these would never make it into metal, but Peugeot will choose one ...

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    Best lid wins topless Sebring

    Do you design hats? You do? Then what the hell are you doing reading Autoblog? However you got here, it's your lucky day. Because perhaps for the first time in Autoblog history, we have a post on headwear design. All you dedicated readers stop your groaning, it's not totally off-topic. Chrysler's ...

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    Design Geely's new logo, win RMB 2 million (that's $257k)

    While Geely's logo isn't exactly iconic (ha ha), it's not nearly as bad or imitative as some we've seen out of China. In fact, it reminds us a bit of the old Plymouth logo. Nevertheless, the Geely folks think they need a new one and they're asking you, yes you, to design a new one. They're willing ...

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    Future McLaren designs exhibited

    This had flashed up on our radar screen late last month and we were hoping McLaren would release more details. They did and our bestest-bud from, Drew, alerted us to a news page on McLaren's website announcing the winners of their future design contest.The interpretations of what a ...

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    Pencils ready? Peugeot announces 2007 Design Contest

    Peugeot is launching the fourth edition of its worldwide design contest. The winning entrant will get to see his or her design turned into a full-sized model which will be displayed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. (Last year's winner - the Peugeot Moovie - is shown above.) In a new feature for ...

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    Enough with the tips! We give you the Hyanide...

    It's not an automobile. It doesn't even have wheels per se. But the Hyanide concept has prompted an army of Autoblog readers to send in tips, and who are we to ignore a mob? The Hyanide, so named for its striking visual similarity to the hyena that roams the plains of South Africa, is part ...

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    Fiat starts 500-day countdown to the new 500

    Well ahead of the 2007 launch of Fiat's new 500 minicar, the company has fired up a Fiat 500 minisite with the theme "500 wants you." Fiat promises that the site will be far more than just another advertising vehicle - the company wants to involve the public in the design and development ...


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