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    McLaren boss Ron Dennis' license suspended in court

    As head of the McLaren Group, Ron Dennis has been responsible for some devastatingly fast cars. Like the iconic McLaren F1 supercar, and the new MP4-12C that succeeds it – not to mention countless championship-challenging grand prix cars. Unfortunately for Ron, though, he won't be able to ...

  • McLaren boss calls Veyron "junk," claims Top Gear race with F1 staged

    Ron Dennis with the McLaren MP4-12C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When you've been responsible for as many Formula One World Championships and devastatingly fast supercars – including the new McLaren MP4-12C (pictured above) – as Ron Dennis, you're entitled to speak ...

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    Pump up the Volume: McLaren to target 4000 sales annually

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the McLaren P11
    With the SLR speeding out of the picture following the debut of the Stirling Moss edition speedster, the only vehicles McLaren will be producing are the handful of Formula One racers it'll need to defend its title this season. But that's about ...

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    The Fine Print: Hamilton will get his McLaren F1 LM after 3 titles

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the McLaren F1 LM Now that Lewis Hamilton has secured the Formula One championship, supercar fans around the world are asking when he'll get his hands on that rare McLaren F1 LM. The incredibly valuable supercar – initially reported at $4 million but now ...

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    Fast Move: Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren

    It's official: Fernando Alonso won't be driving next year for McLaren. The double world champion just completed a tumultuous first season out of his contracted three years with the British team, but it was clear for all to see that the driver wasn't happy, and the team wasn't happy with its new ...

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    McScapegoat: Ron Dennis blames internet media for losing F1 title

    Ah scapegoating, the last refuge of the defeated. This season McLaren got caught red-handed (pardon the pun) and lost the constructor's championship. Then its poor reliability and performance meant that neither of the team's incredibly talented pilots could lock up the driver's title, either. ...

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    Dennis Publishing acquires Octane magazine

    In the ongoing struggle between magazines and websites, it should be immediately clear to anyone where we stand. With websites like ours getting constantly updated as the news emerges, magazines are increasingly becoming an outdated relic for delivering automotive news to enthusiasts (like ...


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