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    Video: Zenvo responds to Top Gear review after its car catches fire during testing

    Another day, another Top Gear controversy. This time, the boys from the BBC's hit show haven't enraged a country or British sensibilities - they've gone back to their old stomping grounds of upsetting car companies. In last week's episode of Top Gear (which is set to air in the United States on ...

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    Report: Inventor's electric vehicle charger triggers bomb scare in Denmark

    A project manager and director for Swedish Television had parts of Copenhagen locked down for three hours on August 6, when his electric car invention scared passersby in an underground parking lot into thinking it was a bomb, Perth Now reports. Copper pipes and wire poking out from underneath a ...

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    Video: Midttrafik commercial shows riding the bus is still cool

    We can't remember ever seeing a commercial for a bus at all, much less one that was genuinely epic, but we can cross both those firsts off our bucket list thanks to an ad for Denmark's Midtraffik public bus system. Midttrafik wanted to make riding the bus cool, and the result is this 90-second ...

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    Video: Enjoy some Supermoto action from every angle in Denmark

    We've seen a swell in RoToR camera set ups in bike videos lately, and we have to say the trick makes for some pretty entertaining viewing. Take the clip you'll see after the break that was worked up by Supermotard Denmark, for example. The video tracks one rider as he finishes up a practice day. ...

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    1,104-HP Zenvo ST1 seen in the metal, more details released

    Zenvo ST1 -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    For a while there it seemed every new "I'm going to build a supercar!" designer put out a few impossibly beautiful drawings, then drove their stunningly rendered car into oblivion. Now it appears as though everyone who says he's going to build a ...

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    VIDEO: Zenvo ST1 is a Danish delight

    Click above to see and hear the Zenvo ST1 prototype
    We only received word as to the existence of the Zenvo ST1 last December – even though the car had apparently been in the works for four years by that time. Now, just four months later, an unpainted prototype is on the road getting ready to ...

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    NSFW: Danish Bikini Speedbandits use T&A to slow speeders

    Denmark apparently has a problem with speeding motorists that's so out of hand it's deployed the Speedcontrol Bikini Bandits, what the broadcaster in this linked video calls "a specially trained team of enthusiastic young women not afraid to do whatever it to make sure motorists pay more attention ...


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