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38Chinese auto sales take unexpected September slide amidst anti-Japan sentiment

Vehicle sales in China took a sizable dip for the first time in eight months, due largely to the fact that buyers in the country are turning away from Japanese brands. Automotive News China reports wholesale deliveries fell by .3 percent last month, while Toyota and Nissan saw sales figures fall to their lowest levels since 2008. Meanwhile, figures compiled by Bloomberg indicate Honda had its worst month since May of 2011.

18Tear gas fired at PSA job protesters outside of Paris Motor Show

Police in Paris fired tear gas at demonstrators outside of the Paris Motor Show today. Around 1,000 protesters showed up in an attempt to break through police lines and gain access to the show in a demonstration against further austerity measures. The group included workers from a PSA Peugeot Citroën plant that's scheduled for closure, and some demonstrators threw eggs and flour at police. The group also reportedly included workers from other manufacturers that have announced job cuts.

11Will protests in the Middle East cause the cancelation of additional races?

Go back a few years and the prospect of political unrest in a host country was seldom a factor in determining where to hold a motor race. But that age of innocence appears to be behind us.

157European truckers on strike because of high fuel prices

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/environment/European_truckers_on_strike_because_of_high_fuel_prices'; Blocked borders, fuel pumps running out of gasoline, supermarkets that don't get fresh produce supply ... these are just a few of the consequences of a strike by Spanish and French truckers against high diesel prices. The strike is taking place this week. Currently, diesel prices are around €1.30/liter in Spain and €1.45 in France (that translates to $7.71 U.S. and $8.62 a gallon, respe

6Co-op wants a plugged-in America

Co-op America has launched a campaign to encourage automakers to mass produce plug-in hybrid vehicles. This includes a demonstration outside the Washington Auto Show. Co-op America believes that the technology is ready and that customers deserve 100-mpg vehicles in 2010.

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