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16Chrysler and Chery quit talking about small car

Well, crap. For all of us who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chinese-built Dodge Demon or the Chinese-built Dodge Hornet or the Chrysler-badged, Chinese-built Chery A1, fugetaboutit. It's officially not happening.

16Chrysler and Chery's lovechild not ready for export, yet

If you've been waiting on pins and needles for a small Chrysler that's due to be built in China by Chery, you're going to have to twiddle your thumbs a little longer. Though we've been hearing about a Chrysler/Chery Hornet or Demon for some time, execs from both companies don't believe the products are ready for North America, yet. Quality and safety are still a concern with the vehicles, but Chrysler's China boss Phil Murtaugh feels the challenges are far from insurmountable. Chery Chairman, Yi

67Wrong-Wheel-Drive! Dodge Demon to use Chery platform

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18Chrysler design chief wants the Demon, bad

Chrysler has been through a lot in the past 18 months, including an ad campaign that touted the company's German engineering prowess, three CEOs, and two ownership groups. Now that the company is private, Chrysler would like to reinvent itself as an American automaker. While the Pentistar has canceled the hideous and un-American looking Imperial (actually, we don't know what planet the Imperial came from), the Auburn Hills, MI-based company does have an all-American concept that would help impro

22Geneva Motor Show: Dodge's lil' devil - Demon revealed

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AddAutoblog Podcast #57

Episode #57 is a breezy little number, clocking in around 32 minutes long. Though on the short side, it's action-packed! We recap the Chicago show, paucity of activity and all. For starters, we return to one of our favorite subjects recently, the impending Pontiac G8. Let's just say it's even better up-close. Next, we ruminate over the all-new Scion xD and xB. The little Toyota offspring were all that happened on the second day of the show, and the aging boomers there were thrilled with the upda

70Dodge Demon Concept will debut in Geneva

ciick above image to view 28 high-resolution pics of the Dodge Demon Concept

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