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    Video: Codemasters' F1 2012 demo now available... watch it here

    While many gaming fans fawn over Forza and Gran Turismo, those with a thirst for all things Formula One have been quenched by the folks over a Codemasters. The video game maker has announced a demo version of F1 2012 for Xbox Live, Playstation 3 and PC. To celebrate, Codemasters has released a ...

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    Stock Drop: Ralf to test for Mercedes DTM

    While Villeneuve and Montoya are adapting well to their new home in NASCAR, their German-speaking former colleagues might be headed to their own sedan-based racing series at home. Reports indicate that, against the advice of his older brother, Ralf Schumacher climbed into the cabin of a Mercedes ...

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    Mansell and Herbert back in the F1 cockpit for BMW Sauber demo

    While its cars charge towards the head of the pack on the F1 racing circuit, BMW-Sauber has been positioning itself as the champion of demonstrations off-track. Following such shenanigans as driving on ice, and the return to the old Nurburgring Nordschleife, the team brought a couple of veterans ...

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    Forza Motorsports 2 demo now available for free on XBLM

    The final version of Forza Motorsports 2 for the Xbox 360 has gone gold, which in video game parlance means its ready to be pressed into discs and shipped off to stores. While the release date for the 360's premier driving game is not until May 29th, early this morning at 5AM EST, publishers of the ...

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    VIDEO: Fiat Panda Sport 100HP

    A hundred horsepower isn't usually anything to write home about, but in a tiny car like the Fiat Panda it makes for a fun recipe. We've said it before and we'll say it again, we like the Fiat Panda Sport and wish we could get them here in the US. This promo video shows the miniscule ...

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    VIDEO: Fiat Bravo spinnin' like a record

    Didn't get enough of the brand-spankin'-new Fiat Bravo unveiled two weeks ago? Fiat'll give you a fix with this video that lets you see the new hatch spinning around for your viewing pleasure. Now you can see the Bravo from every angle and get the full scope of its lines, and not just from the ...


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