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    Delphi develops MagneRide engine mounts for Porsche 911 GT3

    Delphi MagneRide Engine Mounts - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The same magneto rheological damping technology that allows Chevrolet, Cadillac and Ferrari to control 500-plus horsepower in a car that's comfortable to drive on city streets will soon make its way to the engine bay of the ...

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    REPORT: Visteon books $2M profit. Delphi makes $556M. Wait... wha?!

    When is a profit not a profit? When it's the result of bankruptcy prevention measures, like Visteon's report of a $2 million profit during the first quarter of 2009. The auto supplier is reporting that each share earned two cents during the period, compared to a $105 million loss last year. The ...

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    Chinese buy Delphi brake and suspension business

    Delphi has reached an agreement to sell off its brake and suspension business. A consortium consisting of Tempo Group, Capital Iron & Steel Co. and the Beijing government will own Beijing West Industries Co. Ltd, a new company that will buy the remaining chassis and brake operations of Delphi. ...

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    Delphi seeking court's permission to end retiree health care

    If you thought things were looking bleak at General Motors, perhaps you should take a peek at Delphi, the parts supplier that spun off from The General in 1997. It declared bankruptcy in 2005 after the revelation that its poor financial position was being masked by irregular accounting practices. ...

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    Delphi and Autonet partnering to bring mobile internet to the masses

    One of the highlights of the recent Audi Mileage Marathon for participating journalists was the in-car internet connectivity. The Q7s and other vehicles used in the marathon were equipped with a Cradlepoint mobile WiFi router and USB wireless broadband adapter. We were able to open up our laptops ...

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    Buy a brick from a fallen Flint assembly plant

    Our first thought was "Boy, retirement plans sure ain't what they used to be." Reality, of course, is more banal, it's just UAW Local 651 going all nostalgic while demolition of the Flint East plant continues. The plant's last occupant was Delphi, but the plant has a history nearly as long as the ...

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    Delphi investor backs out, bankruptcy exit delayed

    Bankrupt supplier Delphi was expected to finalize a financing package this morning that would finally allow the company to emerge from the red, but in the 11th hour one of its investors backed out leaving the supplier, its largest customer General Motors and the company's shareholders in the lurch. ...

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    CES 2008: Video of Delphi's Dual-View nav screen in action

    click above image to view videoWe've seen a lot of cool technology coming out of the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, but few gadgets are more useful or cool than this dual-view navigation screen from Delphi. When out of Park, the driver can only see navigation or radio ...

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    Delphi concept controls your car through iPhone

    var digg_url = ''; One of Delphi's major reveals during CES this week is surely to get the iPhone fanbois frothing at the mouth – even if it's just a concept. The software allows users to monitor and control several aspects of a ...

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    GM hearts XM: Satellite radio now standard on 2008 HUMMER, Saab and Buick models

    General Motors is serious about satellite radio, and the amount of nameplates that offer standard XM is growing all the time. Previously, GM made XM standard on all Cadillacs, and now the subscription radio service will also be available for all new Buick, HUMMER, and Saab models as well. The move ...

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    Delphi, GM, UAW come to an agreement

    Delphi, the UAW, and GM have come to an accord. Pending approval by UAW members and federal bankruptcy court, it would mean that Delphi can focus on the other pressing matters in front of it after spending two years in bankruptcy. The deal would require a one-time payout from GM, in return for ...

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    Latest UAW proposal could hold the key to Delphi's restructuring

    The UAW is walking a few tightropes right now, and it can't afford to fall off of any of them. In talks with bankrupt auto supplier Delphi Corp. and its private equity partners, at stake for the UAW is coming to an agreement that benefits both sides, but one that does not put the UAW at a ...

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    Cerberus walks away from Delphi to focus on Chrylser

    One of the major players in the acquisition of bankrupt mega-parts supplier, Delphi, is Cerberus Capital Management. That name should ring familiar to anyone following the ongoing saga of the (potential) sale of Chrysler, as Cerberus is one of the three firms making a play for the ailing side of ...

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    Darn, we're outta that! Ford of Australia halts work due to supply problem

    Ford's Broadmeadows facility has run out of at least one key component for V8 engines, and will have to shut down until its supplier resolves labor issues. The supplier, Coghlan and Russell Engineering, owes employees a boatload of money - in the order of 1.5 million-plus Austrailian dollars. ...

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    Antics abound at the SAE Greenbrier retreat

    The Greenbrier retreat hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers is known as something of a boondoggle in the industry, but with all the doom and gloom, we're hard-pressed to deny the automotive bigwigs a little fun. The tone of the confrence is light, with industry execs spending more time ...

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    Report: GM and Delphi close to deal that would avert UAW strike

    According to Bloomberg, sources within the ongoing negotiations between General Motors and Delphi are saying that an agreement is near. The article cites a half dozen unnamed individuals who are confirming that GM will subsidize the pay of Delphi's workforce to ensure that a strike within the parts ...

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    Delphi dumping unprofitable contracts with GM

    It's been a year since Delphi filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and the supplier is still trying to find ways to return to profitability. One of the things it's identified as a way to get back into the black is ridding themselves of unprofitable contracts with General Motors. They have ...

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    Approximately 14,000 workers will leave Delphi

    Way back in March of this year, the UAW, GM and Delphi sat down to figure out a buyout/retirement plan for the approximately 14,600 employees eligible to leave the workforce. Delphi employees were offered two separate packages: certain retirement eligible employees will be able to walk with a lump ...

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    Delphi NAV200 comes in at $349

    Aftermarket navigation systems are not cheap, though neither are the nav units that come bundled in your car. Aftermarket units can start in the $500 range but easily skyrocket up to $2,000 depending on how many features you demand. Delphi's consumer electronics division has just announced a new ...

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    Delphi hearing postponed until September

    The U.S. bankruptcy court hearing on Delphi's request to tear up its labor contracts has now been postponed until September 18, to allow further negotiation between the bankrupt parts maker, its labor unions and its biggest customer (and former parent company) General Motors. In its announcement of ...


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