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    ETC: This Decepticon-themed Maserati ticketed for imitating a police car

    States have different laws about how closely your car can mimic the look of a police car, which this Massachusetts driver might've wanted to have look into. Even though he's driving a Maserati GranTurismo in homage to the Transformer Barricade and it reads "Decepticons" and "To punish and ...

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    Transformers 2 to feature Devastator - 1 Decepticon made of 5

    Devastator, a massive Decepticon made out of five, or six, or seven Constructicons, depending on which source you cite, will be in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. In the oddest case of reasoning we can imagine, he's said to have "massive upper body strength, like a gorilla." Devastator is a ...

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    Transformers sequel roundup: Buell-based fembot, SR-71 and Audi R8

    If leaked documentation, which you should avoid if you don't want to read any plot spoilers, regarding the upcoming Transformers sequel is accurate, it appears that Mr. Bay may be bringing a motorcycle-based female robot to the big screen. We've heard that the character known as Arcee was ...

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    2008 Saleen S302 Extreme with 600+ HP arrives late summer

    Click above for small high-res gallery of BarricadeSaleen is still celebrating its high-profile involvement with the summer blockbuster Transformers movie, the highlight of which for us was seeing the Decepticon Barricade, a Saleen S281 Extreme, throw down with Bumblebee, a Chevy Camaro Concept. As ...

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    VIDEO: Bumblebee speaks in new Transformers TV spot

    We can't even try to hide our excitement over the upcoming Transformer movie, so we're just going to keep showing you every new clip we can find. So far from what we can tell, Transformers is shaping up to be something along the lines of Independence Day meets Terminator meets Johnny Five. This ...

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    Evil robot Mustang from Transformers to punish and enslave the Camaro

    click on image to enlargeOne reason we're so geeked about the upcoming live action Transformers movie that's scheduled to open on July 4th, 2007, is that we will see the familiar battle of Ford vs. Chevy in a most unfamiliar way. Watching the two brands battle it out in the marketplace is a bore. ...

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    Camaro and Mustang do battle in Transformers: The Movie

    The upcoming live-action Transformers movie will feature a matchup with which most Autoblog readers are intimately familiar: Camaro versus Mustang. A bright orange Chevy Camaro Concept that's more than meets the eye will play the good-natured Transformer named Bumblebee, which has traditionally ...


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