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dealership service

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    Report: Mercedes dealers authorized to spend $2,500 on perks for S-Class customers

    If you drop $100,000 on a luxury sedan, it seems only reasonable to receive some preferential treatment at the dealership you purchased from. After all, that price isn't just for the car – you're paying for the brand and all the cachet that entails. For Mercedes-Benz, those benefits have ...

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    Arrogant much? Dealer tells woman go back to VW, you don't deserve a BMW

    According to a woman named Raquel, Brecht BMW in Escondido, Ca. may be one of those dealerships that considers customer service a necessary evil. Take note that the following story is a one-sided account, and Brecht wasn't contacted for their side of the story.Raquel had a 48-month lease on a ...

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    REPORT: Acura dealers treat customers best whether or not they buy

    A dealership can be a downright scary place for someone looking to buy a new car, with four-box scams, shady financing, dodgy service, and pushy salesmen. Consulting firm Pied Piper surveyed customers at 1,592 dealerships to show what we already knew, that not all dealer experiences are created ...


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