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dealer relations

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    Report: 64 axed Chrysler franchisees file suit against U.S. Treasury

    Back in June of 2009, Chrysler terminated relationships with 789 dealerships in an effort to cut its dealer network down by 25 percent. A few of those dealerships didn't think too highly of the move, which was orchestrated in part by the federal government. As a result, 64 former Chrysler ...

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    Report: Lincoln dealers refusing to upgrade stores until Ford shows future products

    According to Automotive News, some Lincoln dealers aren't willing to put up the cash for expensive showroom updates until their company shows them physical proof of future products. Ford has asked some dealers to spend as much as $1 million on facility upgrades, even while admitting that there ...

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    Report: Struggling Suzuki cuts 50 U.S. dealers

    Any hopes that Suzuki might have had a year ago that the Kizashi would revive its U.S. sales prospects were quickly dashed once the car went on sale in late 2009. The attractively style Kizashi has not made any noticeable dent in the hyper-competitive mid-size segment, however, and Suzuki's sales ...

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    Where's Waldo Jim Press? Renault-Nissan

    Jim Press left Chrysler at the end of last year, and other than taking a moment to speak up for Akio Toyoda earlier this year, Press has stayed away from the lights. Turns out he's been on the job for Renault-Nissan since about March, when he was hired as a consultant on the company's sales and ...

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    Report: Main rejected-dealer advocates fail to get GM reinstatement call. Coincidence?

    We have no proof that General Motors is getting payback on the three dealers who founded the Committee to Restore Dealer Rights (CRDR), Tammy Darvish, Jack Fitzgerald and Alan Spitzer. But we do know that retribution is a game often played by all sides, and that Darvish, Fitzgerald and Spitzer ...

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    Report: Toyota dealers to receive up to $75,000 for extra hours due to recall

    Toyota may be experiencing some major recall pain right now, but that isn't stopping the Japanese automaker from taking care of its dealers at a time when the company needs them more than ever. USA Today reports that Toyota will give dealers $7,500 to $75,000 for staying open extended hours in an ...

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    Here's the Plan: GM reveals how it will deal with shuttered dealers' complaints

    Back in May, General Motors announced plans to close down a large portion of its dealership network. Since then, a number of those franchisees have lodged complaints to both the automaker itself and appropriate policymakers, leading to possible legislation on how GM is allowed to handle the ...

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    REPORT: Dealers say bailout hasn't made for more GMAC loans

    Show me the money. With apologies to Cuba Gooding Jr., that is exactly what many General Motors dealers are saying to GMAC Financial Services. Despite being given $5 billion from the U.S. Government last month, GMAC apparently hasn't loosened its purse strings enough for dealers' likings. Some, in ...


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