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    Senate unanimously rules in favor of noisy hybrids, electric cars

    Regardless of whether or not there's an actual need for pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, the U.S. Senate has voted unanimously to approve a measure that would make the noise-adding setup standard on all vehicles that can operate – even if just momentarily – ...

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    Vibering concept protects blind from those silent killers called hybrids

    Click above for more pictures of the Vibering conceptCars can be dangerous objects, there's no doubt about it. While the most obvious danger is definitely an accident while driving, there are other ways your car could kill you. Exhaust from gasoline vehicles is very dangerous, and diesel soot can ...

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    It's happened: Boy hit by hybrid, mom blames quiet running

    Click on the image above for our Toyota Prius gallery When an eight-year-old boy on a bicycle gets hit by a car while riding in the middle of the street, the blame often points directly at the youth. However, if the car in question just happens to be a quiet hybrid-electric... there just may be ...


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