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    Chrysler planning 'debut' party to hype its return to American roots

    Playing the role of the wild and free divorcee, Chrysler is sending out 3,700 party kits and invitation to its dealers to mark the automaker's return to all-American greatness. The celebration will run in conjunction with a new ad campaign (TV, print, etc.) that touts the brand's rebirth, along ...

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    Spy Shots: Dodge JC49 Crossover

    Whoopee, just what Dodge needs, another crossover. We're glad that operations are still underway after the sale announcement, but come on, have cars been forsaken? The Jalopnik boys captured an odd duo cruising around; a JC 49 with camo, followed by a PSA minivan. Would it be rude to confess we're ...

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    Iacocca holds back nothing in new book, Slams Bush, Daimler-Chrysler merger

    Lee Iacocca has been an automotive icon for so long, it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't in the picture. He was at the apex of the Ford Mustang project, saved Chrysler from ruin, and lead the charge for the minivan. Those credentials have helped Iacocca sell some books over the years, and ...

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    DCX to delay first quarter report

    The bean counters at DaimlerChrysler have decided to postpone the automaker's first quarter results, mainly due to a switch from one set of reporting standards to another. Instead of publishing the report in April, as expected, DCX plans to release its quarterly earnings sometime in mid-May.A ...

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    GM still possible suitor for Chrysler, but not going to the prom yet

    Not much has been heard about GM's acquisition of Chrysler recently, and with parts supplier Magna partnering with two private equity firms, the General has taken a back seat in the bidding. According to both Automotive News and the Detroit News, GM's proposal is still on the table, although at ...

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    Spy Shots: JC49 Dodge Crossover

    Times have been tough lately for the Chrysler group, so we're happy to see the company is soldiering on. Dodge may be late to the crossover game, but with a best-selling minivan, the automaker hasn't had the need to bring another people mover to market. However, with minivan sales stagnant and ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #61

    We're fired up about a few things for episode #61. We eventually get to an enthusiastic discussion of the American LeMans Series, but we wind our way through a few subjects to get there. We start off with the snub to Chrysler by some DCX shareholders who suggest a return to Daimler-Benz AG name. ...

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    Lorinser takes on the new Merc C-class

    The C-class is the entry-level Benz in the North American market. As such, every nouveau riche new graduate seemingly goes out and treats themselves to a slice of flashy bourgeois pie. That can be alarming for the Euro-car fan, as you risk being lumped into that precocious category along with ...

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    Will consult for food: Wolfgang Bernhard hired by potential Chrysler Group bidder

    Rumors have been flying around about which companies and/or equity groups are interested in purchasing the Chrysler Group. Buyout firm Cerberus has shown it is definitely in the running by hiring former Chrysler COO Wolfgang Bernhard as a consultant. Bernhard could be an asset to Cerberus since he ...

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    Chrysler sale update: Wall St. more interested than automakers

    Since Daimler Chrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche declared 'all options are open' with regards to a possible Chrysler sale, the rumors have been flying. With the exception of GM and Magna, every automaker that comes up as a potential suitor has politely denied the rumor. VW, Hyundai, and Ford have all ...

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    VW not interested in buying Chrysler Group

    Gee, you lose over $1.5 billion in the third quarter of 2006 and all of a sudden you're not an attractive automotive partner. First, news leaks that Daimler wants to kick the Chrysler group out the window, then Hyundai and Nissan decide that they're not interested in purchasing the struggling ...

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    DaimlerChrysler stocks skyrockets on talk of Chrysler sale

    We have no idea who will end up with Chrysler once all this madness ends, but we can say that there are already quite a few winners in the process -- DCX stockholders.While we all sat and played the Hyundai vs. GM vs. ? game, the stock price shot through the roof. Apparently in the minds of ...

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    China will get Dodge vehicles this year

    The rumors, innuendo and leaks surrounding the sale of Chrysler and its brands haven't stopped DCX's plans to move into emerging markets around the globe. During the second half of 2007, Dodge will enter the Chinese marketplace, although it hasn't been made clear what models will be ...

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    When will the madness end? GM's talks to buy Chrysler heat up

    We were all ready to start this week anew, leaving behind the reports of a supposed sale of Chrysler to General Motors. But alas, that ain't going to happen.Both the Detroit News and Automotive News came out with stories this morning making it clear that talks between the two automakers are serious ...

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    Chrysler set to recall some 2006 Dodge Rams

    There are cheap recalls and there are expensive recalls. Luckily for the Chrysler Group the current recall of 86,333 '06 Dodge Rams built between Nov. 7, 2005, and April 27, 2006 amounts to little more than adding grease to wheel bearings. Unfortunately for 2006 Ram owners if this issue is left ...

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    Automotive News insists GM and DCX talking buyout

    Automotive News has filed yet another report that insists DaimlerChrysler is in talks with General Motors about the latter purchasing the Chrysler Group. This time the trade pub claims that sources from Germany, where the rumor originated, and the United States have confirmed that GM is interested ...

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    BorgWarner gets tapped to provide AWD system for Avenger

    Following on the heels of the successful AWD adaptation of the Chrysler Pacifica, Borg Warner has been tapped once again to outfit the Sebring and Avenger models with all-wheel motiviation. The Borg will supply the hardware as well as the electronic controls and support for integrating the system ...

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    Back to the drawing board: DCX working on more rebuilding, more sharing

    DCX could end up sharing more platforms going forward Oh, how time flies when you're paying attention to the domestic auto industry. About a year and a half ago the Chrysler 300 was selling like crazy, the Charger was off to a fast start, and analysts were saying nice things about the company from ...

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    Ford is not #4, still part of Big 3

    After all the sales numbers for the month of January were released, reports began popping up that Ford had fallen to fourth place in sales in the U.S. last month behind General Motors, Toyota and the Chrysler Group. This is nothing more than selective journalism, with journos picking out the ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Nassau concept hints towards the future of Chrysler RWD

    Click image for a high-resolution photo galleryWith a press conference set to the percussion of the Drum Cafe, Chrysler rolled out the Nassau "shooting brake" concept this afternoon to hint at the future styling direction for the brand and especially its RWD line-up.Based on the LX platform and ...


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