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    Video: Mr. Millen goes to Washington

    Ever driven around DC? We have. And let us tell you, people drive like jerks in the nation's capital. Mostly because they think they're more important than you, and they're probably right. But Rhys Millen is out to put them all to shame. In this latest video, the guy who Red Bull refers to as a ...

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    Teased: DC Design previews India's first supercar

    Think "supercar" and only a handful of countries are likely to come to mind. And most of them are in Europe: Italy, Great Britain, Germany... even Sweden and France have pitched in here and there with such notables as Koenigsegg and Bugatti. Consider examples like the Dodge Viper, Ford GT and ...

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    Video: Dan Neil calls out D.C. drivers as the world's worst

    Dan Neil isn't exactly known for being Mr. Sensitive. In fact, Neil has built an entire career around ruffling people's feathers and not saying sorry. In a clip from SPEED's upcoming The Car Show, Neil calls out drivers in Washington, D.C. as the worst, not in America, but in the world. ...

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    Video: Plato v. Coulthard in Red Bull's driving sim

    Jason Plato vs David Coulthard in the Red Bull F1 simulator – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Race-Star ConverTTable is cool and all, but compared to Red Bull's F1 racing simulator it's just a toy. Jumping behind the Red Bull sim's wheel are David Coulthard, whose Formula 1 ...

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    Coulthard takes to the tin-tops for Mercedes DTM

    Formula One drivers have a relatively short career span. Sure, they're starting younger and younger, but few driving aces extend their careers beyond their early thirties, if that long. David Coulthard is one notable exception, retiring after 15 consecutive seasons in F1 at "the ripe old age" of ...

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    One-off Million-Dollar "Black Ruby" Rolls-Royce coupe up for sale

    DC Design "Black Ruby" Rolls-Royce coupe – Click above for image gallery
    Funny thing about one-off creations. Sometimes you look at them and wonder why they only made just the one, and sometimes you thank your lucky stars they're not roaming the streets in packs. Whatever side of the fence ...

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    $220,000 DC Designs Tata Nano coming this year

    DC Designs Tata Nano – Click above for image gallery
    DC Designs came out swinging at this week's Auto Expo 2010, and in addition to revealing its Imperator and Ying Yang concepts, the Mumbai-based firm's namesake – Dilip Chhabaria – revealed plans to produce a bespoke Tata Nano ...

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    Auto Expo 2010: DC Designs Imperator and Ying Yang shock and amuse

    DC Designs Imperator and Ying Yang - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you're not already familiar with DC Designs, let's refresh your memory. Founded by Dilip Chhabria, the Indian designer has been responsible for such autotrocities as the Amrierod and Cayenne Coupe, along with tuned ...

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    Official: David Coulthard will leave F1 at season's end

    Click above for a stunning high-res gallery of D.C.'s 2008 highlights.The end of an era. That's what we called it when rumors began intensifying just a couple of days ago that David Coulthard might retire from Formula One racing. Those rumors were confirmed today – at the Silverstone track, ...

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    The End of an Era: David Coulthard to retire?

    Now campaigning his 15th consecutive season at 37 years old, David Coulthard is Formula One's elder statesman. His 236 grands prix contested to date is second only to Rubens Barrichello's 261, and the Scotsman has elevated his suffering of the latest batch of rookies each season to an art form. ...

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    VIDEO: Major air - Ken Block and his flying Subaru

    click above to view video after jumpThumbing through the last issue of 0-60, one of the car-guyiest car mags around, I turned the page and saw an image that stopped me cold. Mother of pearl, a Subaru rally car flying through the air at a snowboard park. How is that even possible? We've all seen ...

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    Coulthard the next to defect to NASCAR?

    It's been all the rage in motorsports recently: Formula One refugees hopping the trans-Atlantic to race in NASCAR. Juan Pablo Montoya has found considerably more success than Jacques Villeneuve (even Michael Schumacher was offered a drive), but they could have some company soon. Recently ...

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    Bye, bye Auburn Hills? VW may be moving to the East Coast

    Volkswagen may or may not be considering moving its operations, in part or entirely, to the East Coast. Washington D.C. or North Carolina are looking far more favorable to VW than its current digs in Auburn Hills, MI. Perhaps VW management thinks it can kick-start some new enthusiasm inside its US ...

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    Autoblog's Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars

    Sometimes the past deserves to remain in the past, but once in a while the automotive industry reaches into its history to resurrect something worthwhile whose demise was regrettable and whose return is welcome. The return of coachbuilding is one example of an industry trend we're glad is making a ...

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    Bruce Wayne or Batman? DC Design Rolls-Royce coupe

    Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed a Nissan 350Z with a Rolls-Royce? Yeah, us neither. But Indian styling house DC Design, the same people who brought us the Cayenne coupe, seem to have a knack for crafting the answers to questions no one was asking – with considerable skill, mind ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: DC Star two-door Cayenne

    Has the four-door Porsche SUV gone from quirky to commonplace as they pop up in every parking lot these days? A custom coachbuilt two-door Cayenne just might fit the bill...a $375,000 bill, to be specific. DC Design, the Indian design house Aston Martin used to develop the beautiful V8 Vantage, ...


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