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david kiley

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    Opinion: Qoros could finally be the Chinese brand to fear in the west

    Can Qoros Make A Difference Outside The Walls Of China? I know of no sober industry executive who fears a Chinese entry into the US. Qoros is a venture between the Israeli Israel Corp. and state-owned Chinese company Chery. Chery, up to now, has been known mostly for "appropriating" ...

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    Opinion: Romney doubles down on auto bailout opposition?

    GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is trailing in the polls in Michigan ahead of that state's February 28 primary, and the former Mass. Governor thinks the way to close the gap is to bash the bailout of the auto industry in 2009 that saved General Motors and Chrysler from being broken up and ...

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    AdSpotting: Jennifer Lopez and Fiat "Back To The Bronx"

    Company: Fiat USA Brand: Fiat Medium: TV Ad Agency: Doner, Southfield,MI Product: Fiat 500C Campaign: Life Is Best When Driven What We Like: Technically, this is the first ad shot by Fiat with Jennifer Lopez. The first airing of the J. Lo/Fiat partnership was last month when the Italian ...

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    AdSpotting: Prius goes funny... At Last

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales Brand: Toyota Medium: TV Ad Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Product: Prius Campaign:"What Happens After Practice" What We Like: Going to back when Toyota launched its very amusing campaign for its Sienna "Swagger Wagon" TV ad and Youtube videos, the Japanese ...

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    AdSpotting: Kia "Joyride II" is warm, fuzzy and memorable

    Company: Kia Motors America Brand: Kia Medium: TV Ad Agency: David & Goliath Product: 2012 Kia Sorento Campaign: "Joyride II" What We Like: It's getting pretty hard to stand out. Seriously... another crossover? Kia has established a signature sound, look and feel for its ads. This ad, ...

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    AdSpotting: Lexus Declares Itself "Future-Proof"

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales Brand: Lexus Medium: TV Ad Agency: Team One Product: Lexus Brand Campaign: "Engineering Amazing." What We Like: There is a swagger in the ads, and a tone and creative quality that hearkens back to when Lexus was launching as a new luxury brand in 1989 and 90. ...

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    Ad Spotting: VW Gets Serious About Pushing Diesel

    Company: Volkswagen of America Medium: TV Ad Agency: Deutsch/LA Product: 2011 Jetta TDI Campaign: "Can I Drive" What We Like: That VW is putting some money behind marketing its clean diesel models. VW's sister company, Audi, has long been pushing its diesel offerings, while VW seemed to be ...

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    AdSpotting: BMW 5 Series "Refuel" reintroduces us to The Ultimate Driving Machine

    Company: BMWa Brand: BMW Medium: TV Ad Agency: Grey West Product: 2011 5 Series Campaign: 5 Series "Refuel" What We Like: The swagger is back at BMW. After more than a year of fooling around with "Joy" as a lead ad positioning, a new marketing team at the German automaker is re-emphasizing ...

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    Opinion: Is BMW becoming too soft?

    "Happiness isn't around the corner. Happiness IS the corner." So said an ad for BMW created in 1996 for the Z3. In the TV version (see the video at the very bottom after the break), a heavy-metal music track underlined the idea, which was carried over to magazines and billboards. I'm reminded of ...

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    Is the New GM a Buy?

    After next month's elections, General Motors will rev up its engines to go on the road and try and sell its initial public offering of common stock to savvy investors, especially the big institutional investors with millions of dollars, hundreds of millions in some cases, to put into a stock they ...


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