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david coulthard

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    2009 Race of Champions heads to Beijing

    2008 Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Most of this year's major motorsport series are winding to a close. Champions are being crowned. Teams are preparing for next year. You know what that means: it's time for the Race of Champions. The ...

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    Tanner Foust headed back to the 2009 Race of Champions, now at Beijing's Bird's Nest

    Michael Schumacher and Tanner Foust at the 2008 Race of Champions
    There's our buddy and rally/drift/stunt maestro Tanner Foust (on the right), arm in arm with some guy Michael Schumacher at the 2008 Race of Champions (ROC) held in Wembley Stadium, London. Tanner went as a last minute substitute ...

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    REPORT: David Coulthard gets a speeding ticket. In an F1 car.

    David Coulthard demonstrates for Red Bull Racing in Mumbai, India – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You can't blame an F1 driver from driving fast. That's what they're supposed to do. Evidently authorities in India feel differently, however, as they've slapped David Coulthard with ...

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    SPOILER: 2008 Race of Champions crowns new king among motorsport's best

    Click above for high-res gallery from the 2008 Race of Champions
    Yesterday marked the running of the 2008 Race of Champions, an annual event that hosts the world's best drivers from NASCAR, F1, WRCC, LeMans racing and every other legitimate form of four-wheeled competition in the world. The ...

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    Dream Team: Coulthard, Jordan join BBC F1 coverage

    Remember how excited we got when rumors started flying about the short-list of candidates to host NBC's version of Top Gear? Well, the BBC's original version isn't about to change any time soon, but another motor-related program is coming to the Beeb, and racing fans over on the British Isles have ...

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    Official: David Coulthard will leave F1 at season's end

    Click above for a stunning high-res gallery of D.C.'s 2008 highlights.The end of an era. That's what we called it when rumors began intensifying just a couple of days ago that David Coulthard might retire from Formula One racing. Those rumors were confirmed today – at the Silverstone track, ...

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    The End of an Era: David Coulthard to retire?

    Now campaigning his 15th consecutive season at 37 years old, David Coulthard is Formula One's elder statesman. His 236 grands prix contested to date is second only to Rubens Barrichello's 261, and the Scotsman has elevated his suffering of the latest batch of rookies each season to an art form. ...

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    April Foolery: Coulthard buys Toro Rosso

    David Coulthard is getting older, but his driving doesn't seem to be getting any better. The Scottish driver does, however, have an innate ability for survival, remaining the oldest driver on the F1 grid after having just celebrated his 37th birthday days ago. It was Coulthard who pitched the ...

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    2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Formula One

    Goodwood has been an incredible experience and we hope you have enjoyed the coverage as much as we've enjoyed providing it. One of the numerous highlights for us was undoubtedly the Formula 1 cars; from those outrageous beasts of the '30s and '40s, through the mid-engine revolution, and on up to ...

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    F1 drivers split on traction control ban

    For those who think this is shaping up to be an exciting F1 season, next year should be a stunner. The FIA has confirmed that traction control will not be allowed in 2008. With traction control about to be banned from F1, Formula One Drivers are split on the decision. Most have said they support ...

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    In the Books: Australian Formula One Grand Prix

    Ferarri's new driver Kimi Raikkonen put in a dominant performance to win the opening round of the 2007 Formula One series over the McLaren duo of two-time champion Fernando Alonso and debutante Lewis Hamilton. Raikkonen, who started from the pole position, had an incident-free race and at one point ...

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    Red Bull rents an F1 seat - maybe

    Red Bull Racing has apparently sold Christian Klien's seat to Dutch racer and Red Bull test driver Robert Doornbos (right). According to, Doornbos' sponsor Muermans will pay more than $19 million to put their man in the seat currently held by Red Bull protege Klien, which is an ...


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