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davey g johnson

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    Video: A vengeful Fangio in a Saab SPG?

    Peter Peter Hughes as Fangio. Click above to watch the music video after the jump.
    An entire concept album born from a 23-year-old song imagining Juan Manuel Fangio piloting a Saab SPG through the Andes on a mission to assassinate former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet? The plot sounds like ...

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    Winning Bet: Davey G. Johnson gets a Fiesta, we don't

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Fiesta Movement winners are officially being notified, and we have news of a bloggy nature. Our compadre, Davey G. Johnson, the former Jalop and strong aficionado of brown cars, is among the group who will be rolling in a Ford Fiesta for six months. ...

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    VIDEO: Davey Johnson bets on a brown Fiesta

    Follow the jump to see Davey G. Johnson's Fiesta Movement video
    The Fiesta Movement is on. Drivers angling to be a part of Ford's promotional campaign, which will place 100 people in Fiestas for an early six-month trial, are lining up. To even be considered for the endeavor, you need to send Ford ...


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