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dave bing

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    Report: Detroit's RoboCop statue now fully funded

    Despite a lack of local political support, Detroit's citizens are a big step closer to getting a RoboCop statue. According to Autoblog sister site City's Best, Motown's RoboCop statue is now fully funded thanks to a massive $25,000 donation from a mom-and-pop organization by the name of Omni ...

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    The people of Detroit want a RoboCop statue [w/poll]

    What do you think Detroit is best known for? Cars? Motown music? Or RoboCop? A growing grassroots movement is insisting the latter, as support grows for erecting a statue in honor of the 80's cult movie icon. Supporters have reportedly taken to Facebook and Twitter to drum up support for the ...

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    Fitting Irony: Detroit Mayor Bing's own auto supply company hurting and on the block?

    No one is allowed to escape the grinding maw of Detroit's woes -- not even Detroit Piston extraordinaire and hometown mayor Dave Bing. The mayor owns an automotive supplier called The Bing Group that provides stamped parts for carmakers. The recession has put the company on such slippery footing ...


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