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AddE.dams announces drivers, title sponsor Renault for Formula E

What's the difference between Formula One and Formula E? Both are sanctioned by the FIA and have been attracting experienced grand prix drivers for races around the world. But there is, first of all, the obvious fact that (though F1 may have gone hybrid by now) Formula E will be all-electric. Another major difference between the two, however, is the way the teams work.

AddCapturing methane from dams for energy production

Aside from from carbon dioxide, one of the other main greenhouse gases is methane. While hydro-electric dams are considered by most people to be a clean form of energy, it is far from perfect. One of the problems with dams is that organic material that would normally be washed down a river gets trapped at the bottom of a reservoir. The anaerobic conditions in the relatively still water in a reservoir means that the organic material is broken down by bacteria which then give off methane which dis

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