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    Jurgen Schrempp could make $134 million from the sale of Chrysler

    Jurgen Schrempp was a visionary. He didn't pull off his vision of massive synergies and massive profits for DaimlerChrysler. He did, though, manage to conjure and pull off the vision of massive profits for himself. In spite of a $36 billion dollar "merger" that turned almost immediately into a ...

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    Mercedes relents: Will go it alone like BMW

    It seems obvious now, but the sale of Chrysler leaves Mercedes Benz in a similar position as it's cross-country rival, BMW. Back when BMW bought the ailing MG-Rover marque, the results, to say the least, were less than positive. When the dust finally settled after the sale of Rover in 2000, the ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #66

    The last couple of days, we've all been inundated with news of Chrysler's sale to Cerberus, and that's what we lead Podcast #66 with. As much as it makes analysts and pundits foam at the mouth, news about the sale is a pretty dry affair. We'll be keeping an eye on how things go with the newly ...

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    Chrysler's Tom LaSorda webcast at 1:30 PM EST

    You too can front like you're a member of the press when Chrysler CEO and President, Tom LaSorda addresses questions from the seething throngs during a press conference today at 1:30 PM EST. Naturally, the topic of conversation will be the sale of Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management. We're not ...

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    Big 2.5 increase sticker prices to combat slow sales

    When sales slow, the old business adage dictates that you either cut expenses or raise rates. For the two big boys left in Detroit and the soon-to-be, if not already, sold off Chrysler corp, the latter seems to be the only viable option.A recent sales droop is causing all three automakers to ...

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    Cerberus buying Chrysler for $7.4 billion

    We've already reported on the forthcoming sale of Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management, but until now, all the cited reports were mum on price. The New York Times has that figure and it's a cool $7.4 billion. A press conference to announce the deal is expected in about three hours, at 8 AM ...

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    Chrysler Group recalling 270,000 minivans to fix airbag sensors

    The Detroit News is reporting that DaimlerChrysler has recalled 270,000 units of the 2005 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country minvans to fix airbag sensors that could corrode and fail to activate. The recall, however, only affects minvans that were sold in 20 states and Washington D.C. ...

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    12,600 people place $99 order for Smart fortwo in U.S.

    United Auto Group Inc., the auto retailer charged with distributing the Smart fortwo when it arrives on U.S. shores in 2008, is reporting that 12,600 people have plunked down $99 to become a Smart "Insider" and reserve a spot in line to buy DaimlerChrysler's microcar. That number of people ...

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    Which of the Big 3 is getting its "Freakonomics" on?

    The book Freakonomics sat atop the New York Times Best Seller list for an ungodly amount of time a year or two back and one of the Big 2.5 is looking to tap into the knowledge imparted by the author, Steven Levitt.Levitt's thesis in the book was that the staid methods of analyzing data aren't ...

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    Chrysler bidding continues, Magna in front

    WLNS television out of Lansing, Michigan, reports on its web site that analysts have said Magna International is leading the race to win (buy, rather) The Chrysler Group. Magna is the Canadian parts supplier to Chrysler and several other automotive companies, and recently brought on Onex, a ...

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    Nearly half of Chrysler's products go to fleets, Pontiac isn't doing much better

    What did Chrysler do with its highly publicized production glut? Unloaded them onto fleets. Between September and February, 48.5-percent of Chrysler's sales were sold in quantities of ten or more. Even more troubling to dealers and consumers, close to 80-percent were bought up by rental car ...

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    Chrysler workers making long shot bid to buy automaker

    The Detroit News is reporting that a group of 25 Chrysler employees in Toledo have formed a group called the "Employee Buyout Committee" and are actively exploring the necessary steps required to see the fate of Chrysler end up in the hands of its employees. Their proposal would give Chrysler ...

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    Chrysler to build new plant in Michigan

    With all the news surrounding the possible sale of Chrysler, it's nice to know that the forlorn automaker is still looking to the future and revamping aging production centers.An announcement is expected later this week regarding a new axle plant that will supposedly be built somewhere northeast of ...

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    Rare info on Chrylser bidder Cerberus reveals a "fierce reputation"

    Cerberus was the mythological 3-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hades. Cerberus Capital Management is the very real private equity firm -- one of the bidders in play for the Chrysler Group -- that guards the privacy of its dealings almost as jealously. USA Today takes a look at the firm and ...

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    Dodge returns to the Land of the Rising Sun

    While (potential) buyers sniff around The Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler is still working to keep the brand in fighting shape for its (potential) future owner, announcing that Dodge will return to Japan after a 5-year absence. Four models have been announced to go on sale through its local ...

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    Domestics cut down the number dealerships

    One of the issues ailing domestic automakers is a bloated sales network, which sometimes includes pitting two dealers of the same brand against one another within the same market. Chrysler, Ford and General Motors have been trying to make inroads into this problem over the past year, and while ...

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    Chrysler's savior? Kerkorian stresses his desire to partner with the UAW

    As 4,312 hourly Chrysler workers in Canada and the US accepted early retirement and buyout plans, Kirk Kerkorian released a statement again asserting his desire for a "true partnership" with the UAW and Chrysler management that would entail "equal sharing in the 'risks and rewards'" of a sale to ...

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    Kerkorian will offer up to $4.6 billion for Chrysler

    Tracinda, billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's company, sent two letters today, one to DaimlerChrysler's CEO Dieter Zetsche and the other to the Supervisory Board, detailing an offer of $4.5 billion in cash to buy the Chrysler Group. Kerkorian, who has been major Chrysler shareholder for more than ...

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    It's official: Chrysler Group for sale, Zetsche in talks with potential buyers

    In February, Reuters reported that Chrysler was putting together a prospectus for potential buyers of the company. Today, Bloomberg reports that Dieter Zetsche has admitted to working on a sale of Chrysler Group. Zetsche wouldn't say who the bidders were, but they are supposed to include private ...

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    And then there were three: Chrysler bidders try to make the cut

    Late yesterday, insiders privy to the ongoing talks within DaimlerChrysler to sell off its less profitable American half have leaked that the number of groups vying for control of the ailing automaker have been narrowed down to three.Cerberus Capital Management, a New York-based private equity ...


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