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    Official: Japanese spark plug giant NGK pleads guilty to price fixing, to pay $52M fine

    The ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice into price fixing in the automotive industry has nabbed one more company breaking the law. Japanese parts giant NGK Spark Plug Company agreed to plead guilty to a felony count of pricing fixing and bid rigging in the in the US District Court ...

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    Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche dishes out advice for Chrysler

    It's said that certain cultures don't handle the concept of irony well. You know, irony – where the intended answer is the opposite of the actual answer. Case in point: Back when cab forward cars were all the rage and the once mighty Plymouth brand was put out to pasture, Chrysler looked as ...

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    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee launch threatened by parts dispute?

    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Click above for high res image gallery
    Chrysler and Daimler have been divorced for nearly three years, but the two automakers are still very much entwined when it comes to product. The Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Challenger use a platform and several ...

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    REPORT: If Chrysler goes down, it could cost Daimler $1 billion

    Nerves are frazzled in Stuttgart over the troubles facing Chrysler. Let's not forget that Daimler still has a skin in the Chrysler game, and while everyone natters and frets about whether or not Fiat will prove to be the Savior Of Auburn Hills, execs are also thinking about the worst-case scenario ...

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    BREAKING: Volvo design chief Steve Mattin leaves company

    Details are scarce at the moment, but we have learned that Volvo's award-winning design director, Steve Mattin, has left the company. While no further details are immediately available (why he left, where he is headed, possible successors, etc.), Dan Johnston, Volvo's East Coast PR manager ...

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    Who's the Boss? Daimler still wants to offload remaining stake in Chrysler

    For over a decade, ownership of Chrysler has been bouncing back and forth over the Atlantic like an Airbus jet. Since its founding in 1925, it was independently owned and operated right out of Detroit, then Daimler bought controlling interest in 1998, only to sell it to U.S.-based Cerberus Capital ...

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    What's Chrysler worth to Daimler? Zip, Zero, Nada, Donut

    So, just what is a 19.9% stake in America's third largest automaker worth? Um, nothing. So says Daimler, which owns exactly that amount. The German company claims that, for accounting purposes at least, there is absolutely no value in its part-ownership of Chrysler. Just about a year ago, Daimler ...

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    Hyundai exec talks engine sharing with Mercedes-Benz

    Hyundai, now a world-class engine manufacturer, may lend engine technology to Mercedes-Benz for a future four-cylinder powerplant. It was just a few short years ago that DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai banded together in the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) to build the ...

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    NHTSA releases '06 CAFE fines, Daimler(Chrysler) takes cake

    The automaker formerly known as DaimlerChrysler isn't finished making headlines yet. The NHTSA, which levies fines for manufacturers not meeting CAFE standards, has issued its largest penalty to any automaker, ever, by giving DaimlerChrysler a bill for $30,357.635.50. The fine is for the carmaker's ...

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    Mercedes-Benz Cars is born today

    The last remnants of the merger between Daimler and Chrysler that occurred seven years ago has finally been put out to pasture with the announcement today of a new name for the German automaker. Shareholders voted today on the new name 'Daimler AG', but to keep a connection with co-founder Carl ...

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    BREAKING: California judge throws out lawsuit against automakers

    You might recall about this time last year, California State Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed a lawsuit in Northern California's U.S. District Court asserting that automakers selling vehicles in the Golden State were liable for the hundreds of millions of dollars of damages its products cause. ...

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    Court removes wind from automakers' sales in Vermont emissions fight

    General Motors and the former DaimlerChrysler have been handed a disappointment in a Boston district court. At issue was Vermont's adoption of California's carbon dioxide standard, which requires cars and light trucks to reduce their emissions of the greenhouse gas by 30 percent. GM and DCX brought ...

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    Daimler deals with Ford to get its name back

    The history of Daimler Motor Corp. is very interesting and full of twists and turns. You can read about it here, but the part we're most interested in today starts in 1960. That's when Jaguar obtained the rights to use the Daimler name, and they have continued to use it on top-of-the-line Jaguars ...

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    Done deal: Cerberus takes control of Chrysler today

    var digg_url = ''; August 3, 2007. Today is the day that Cerberus Capital Management LP takes an 80.1% controlling stake in Chrysler, leaving DaimlerChrysler a minority 19.9% share. The "merger of equals" that ...

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    Wolfgang Bernhard to become chairman of Chrysler Group

    According to a German magazine referenced by Automotive News, Wolfgang Bernhard is expected to be announced as the Chrysler Group's chairman-in-waiting, pending DaimlerChrysler's sale of the automaker to Cerberus Capital Management. Currently Bernhard is an acting advisor, a consultant if you will, ...

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    Cerberus snag digesting Chrysler?

    The euro has reached a record high against the dollar, and that is partly to blame for rumors of Cerberus' difficulty in getting the money to pay for Chrysler. Cerberus is paying DaimlerChrysler $7.4 billion for 80.1% of Chrysler Group, but it is trying to borrow $20 billion. With interest rates on ...

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    Daimler and Chrysler subsidiaries to remain close

    The majority of Chrysler has just been sold to a private equity firm, but that doesn't mean the two divisions - Mercedes and Chrysler - won't continue working closely with each other. Foreign subsidiaries such as those in Australia will continue working almost as one company according to Chrysler ...

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    Chrysler planning 'debut' party to hype its return to American roots

    Playing the role of the wild and free divorcee, Chrysler is sending out 3,700 party kits and invitation to its dealers to mark the automaker's return to all-American greatness. The celebration will run in conjunction with a new ad campaign (TV, print, etc.) that touts the brand's rebirth, along ...

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    It's a go: Federal regulators clear Cerberus' purchase of Chrysler

    Without even waiting for the usual 30-day review period to end, US Government antitrust regulators have officially cleared the purchase of Chrysler by Cerberus Capital Management. While the sale won't officially close until Q3, this means that it won't face any regulatory hurdles or conditions. ...

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    UAW head says Chrysler needs concessions from union

    Two years ago, the UAW gave some health care concessions to struggling GM and Ford in an effort to help the Detroit giants save billions of dollars and stay afloat. At the time, Chrysler was relatively well-off and so the union rejected a similar package for them. UAW President Ron Gettelfinger ...


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