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    Oh, Kei Go: Toyota set to enter JDM minicar market?

    Toyota is looking to get bigger... by going smaller. The Japanese automaker is looking to enter the kei car market, a popular segment in its homeland. Kei cars are small vehicles with restrictions on length (11.15 feet), width (4.86 feet), engine size (660 cubic centimeters) and power output (63 ...

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    Report: Toyota's Daihatsu recalls over 500,000 minicars over... fading taillamps?

    Daihatsu has announced plans to recalling over 500,000 vehicles in Japan due to taillight lenses that can fade over time. The lenses, originally orange, will bleach white with exposure to the sun, leading to a potential safety risk. As a result, Daihatsu is recalling a total of 435,423 Move ...

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    Electric car travels record 623 miles on single charge

    The plug-in aficionados of the Japan Electric Vehicle Club hit the track this weekend in a Daihatsu Mira Van with a 74 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery to see how far they could go on a charge. The last time the crew attempted this feat in November 2009, they managed to squeeze out 345 miles ...

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    Recall: 1990-1992 Daihatsu Rocky has check valve issues

    Stop the presses! While the rest of the world has been yanking its hair out over that little dustup at Toyota, some actual recall news has been slipping through the cracks. For example, did you know that 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavors are having salted road issues that lead to fuel leaks? Or that 2005 ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Daihatsu's Deca Deca concept is the most popular "super box" in the world

    Daihatsu Deca Deca concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daihatsu has a way with words: the company calls its Deca Deca concept a "super box," and we'll call it a super super box. A funky little piece of chunk, the Deca Deca has a flat floor – and a flat everything else -- ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Daihatsu Tanto Exe and Tanto Exe Custom are boxy and... custom boxy

    Daihatsu Tanto Exe and Tanto Exe Custom -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    A "tanto" is a short Japanese sword or dagger, which means the only thing it has in common with the Daihatsu Tanto Exe and Tanto Exe Custom is the descriptor "short" and the additional epithet, "light." Both the ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Daihatsu e:S plays small ball

    Daihatsu e:S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daihatsu didn't just bring out its big little guns, it had a couple of tiny guns there as well, such as this, the Volvo C30-esque e:S. Called "a new eco-car that reveals the future role of mini vehicles," it focuses earnestly on ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Daihatsu Basket concept looking for Little Green Riding Hood

    Daihatsu Basket -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're sure it wasn't meant this way, but standing beside the Daihatsu Basket concept, you do feel like you could throw things in it, pick the thing up by its t-top crossbar, and take it to a picnic. And carrying it that way would probably ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Daihatsu to go little in a big way with Basket, Deca Deca, and others

    Daihatsu Basket Concept - Click above for image gallery
    There may be a bunch of conspicuously absent automakers missing from this month's Tokyo Motor Show, but the thing about the Japanese show is that a lot of the really neat stuff comes from the hometown guys, anyway. Take Daihatsu, for ...

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    Toyota developing $5k car under new brand

    The world's largest automaker is looking to join Tata Motors and Renault's Dacia brand as purveyors of cheap new cars. Toyota has cultured a company model by building high-quality, reliable cars, and has gone upmarket with its Lexus brand to compete at the high end of the automotive spectrum. More ...

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    Subaru to stop making Kei Cars

    Last week's announcement that Toyota wants to raise its stake in Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries looked to have no down side. Subaru gets $300 million with which to build a new factory, Toyota gets greater access to FHI's high tech batteries for hybrids, and both get to build the ...

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    Daihatsu teams up with Provision to create 3D holographic dash

    Forget about light-emitting diode (LED) or liquid crystal display (LCD) dashboards. According to Daihatsu, the next hot ticket will be 3D holographic technology. Daihatsu teamed up with Provision Interactive Technologies to implement a 3D dashboard for their latest concept car which debuted at the ...

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    Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu HSC is one slippery little sucker

    The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show ended last week, but today we're cleaning out our closet of yet-to-be published posts from this biggest of biannual Japanese auto above image for more live pics of the Daihatsu HSC Concept We missed the Daihatsu HSC at Frankfurt somehow, but stumbled across ...

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    Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu Mud Master-C

    click above image to view more live shots of the Mud Master-C Didn't Space 1999's Moon Base Alpha have a couple of these in the garage? Looking like a Mitsubishi Delica that's spent too much time in the boil wash, Daihatsu's Mud Master-C is a kei car, but with lofty ambitions. This is far from ...

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    Tokyo 2007 Preview: Daihatsu Mud Master-C

    click above image for 17 more pics of the Daihatsu Mud Master-C Concept var digg_url = ''; The Mud Master-C Concept from Daihatsu looks like a Dakar rally van that's been left in the wash too long. It's a ...

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    Revised Daihatsu Copen gives buyers more for less

    The Daihatsu Copen is another example of a fun little car offered overseas that we wish would make the journey over the Atlantic to American shores. To sweeten the bitter-sweet pill, Daihatsu's British importer has coaxed the Toyota subsidiary to introduce a number of revisions that make the ...

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    DAMD Again! More American emulation with DAMD Daihatsu Move Custom

    click above image to view high-resolution galleryThe Nippon obsessed at Winding Road have unearthed another gem from DAMD that was present at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. This time the base vehicle is a Daihatsu Move and Move Custom, which was redesigned just last October. This time, instead of ...

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    Woman trades in 1935 Daimler Lanchester for new Daihatsu Sirion

    This isn't one of those "dealer takes innocent widow for all she has" stories. Nor another "Seattle dealer steals disabled man's cash and cars" post. Today's post is only slightly unsettling. This is a tale of a British Daihatsu dealer that helped a little old lady find a more practical and ...

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    Subaru Justy set to make a comeback?

    First, the good news: AutoExpress is reporting that Subaru is in the process of planning a revival of their AWD wonder runt, the Justy. The bad news: it'll be front-wheel drive and a rebadged Daihatsu Sirion (pictured).For those of you unaware of the joys of the little two-door Subie: it was ...

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    Subaru to sell re-badged Daihatsus in Europe

    In an effor to expand its European offerings and meet tighter emissions requirements, Subaru has made a deal with Toyota to re-badge as many as 10,000 small cars. Partly owned by Toyota, Subaru will sell slightly modified Daihatsu (a Toyota subsidiary) Sirions (also known as the Daihatsu Boon in ...


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