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    Have money, need growth: GM to invest $6b in Daewoo

    GM has been rapidly expanding in countries outside the US, and South Korea-based Daewoo has been a major contributor to the company's growth in developing markets. GM is redoubling their commitment to Daewoo by investing $6 billion in the once bankrupt automaker over the next few years. President ...

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    GM's Kappa platform spawns GM Daewoo G2X in Seoul

    The cross-pollination among General Motors worldwide operations continues. The Seoul Motor Show features the fourth variant of General Motors' Kappa platform and the third based on the Saturn Sky. The new GM Daewoo G2X is a rebadged edition of the Sky and Opel Speedster. The car being shown in ...

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    Seoul Motor Show: GM Daewoo shows off L4X sedan

    Click image for photo galleryMany thousands of miles away from New York, another auto show is getting into full swing. We're talking about the Seoul Motor Show, where the Koreans are getting an eyeful of some pretty nifty stuff. Like what, you ask? Well, like this rebadged Holden Caprice/Statesman, ...

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    More good news for Hyundai/Kia: new U.S. trade pact favorable

    South Korean automakers received a pretty big shot in the arm as a trade agreement was reached with the United States. The trade pact, which lasts for 15 years, took nine months to negotiate. With the new agreement, tariffs will be immediately lifted on cars with engine displacements of 3-liters or ...

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    GM Daewoo passes Kia as Korea's No. 2 automaker

    When General Motors took the reins of Daewoo in 2002, they saw a future in the then bankrupt Korean automaker. Since then, GM has poured a considerable amount of resources into Daewoo and now, that effort has paid off. GM Daewoo has taken back its former standing as the number two automaker in ...

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    GM's Gamma to go global

    Even though GM is one of the biggest players in the global market, it hasn't had much luck in worldwide platform sharing. And it wants to see that change. Soon. Sources are saying that GM is working on a new small car platform known internally as Gamma. This platform could be the basis for the next ...

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    Spy Shots: 2007.5 Chevy Aveo Hatchback

    The Chevy Aveo sedan is hitting dealer lots as we speak, so the surfacing of these spy shots showing the five-door hatchback version is well timed. Cheers and Gears pulls what details they can from the heavily camouflaged vehicle, which shows some interesting design details. Look closely and you'll ...

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    Photos aplenty of GM Daewoo Winstorm

    Sibling site Autoblog en Espanol was able to obtain more shots of the Winstorm, the first SUV by GM Korean subsidiary, Daewoo. As previously posted, the Winstorm will be sold primarily in the Asian and European markets through GM's Chevrolet and Holden brands. While no definitive date has been ...

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    GM to face massive worker protests in Europe

    General Motors plants in Germany and Spain may face shut-downs next week, as workers plan to protest the closing of an assembly location in Portugal. The automaker announced on Wednesday that it would close the van assembly plant as it faces a 500-euro cost penalty there, with production moving to ...

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    GM Daewoo's 'Winstorm' SUV prepares to sweep SUV market

    GM Daewoo has announced the launch of its first SUV. Called the Winstorm, auto enthusiasts will immediately recognize it by its more familiar name of Captiva. Stats, pics, and additional vehicle information can be found here and here. Analysts are reporting mixed reviews of the South Korean ...

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    Daewoo's ex-chief receives jail sentence

    Kim Woo-choong, the founder and former head of the Daewoo Group, was sentenced to 10 years in a South Korean prison for embezzlement, accounting fraud, and various other white-collar crimes of the type typically committed when a large company goes down the tubes. In all, Woo-choong was said to ...

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    G2X Roadster means Sky is falling on Daewoo

    Never thought we'd see the Saturn Sky rebadged as a Daewoo, but that day has come. Enter the G2X roadster, intro'd at the Busan Motor Show. Like the Sky and the Solstice, Daewoo is using the vehicle as a halo and a way to lure in some younger buyers as it narrows the gap between it and Kia Motors. ...

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    Pontiac G3 proves badge engineering alive in Mexico

    Though General Motors has promised to end the exercise of badge engineering in the U.S., our kin over at Autoblog Spanish have found proof the practice is alive and well in Mexico. Meet the Pontiac G3, what is essentially the 2007 Chevy Aveo that will be sold in the U.S. later this year. The Aveo ...


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